After the Houthis bombed the UAE, the coalition announces the start of a military operation against targets in Sana’a, and US forces in Al Dhafra are on high alert

The Saudi-led coalition in Yemen announced the start of a military operation against what it described as legitimate targets in the Yemeni capital, Sanaa, while the US Department of Defense said that its forces at Al Dhafra base in the UAE entered a state of high alert and took shelter in shelters. The coalition added that the operation came in […]

Jungle camp: Janina Youssefian kicked out for insult

After repeated racist insults to an opponent, the RTL television channel threw the candidate Janina Youssefian out of the jungle camp. In a verbal conflict with Linda Nobat, Youssefian had repeatedly said that she should “go back to the bush where you belong” or “to your bush”. At the urging of some candidates, Youssefian apologised, but Nobat said she could […]

In anticipation of the invasion of Ukraine, America is putting forces on alert, and Russia is talking about “hysteria” in the West

The US Department of Defense (the Pentagon) announced, on Monday, that it has placed 8,500 soldiers on high alert in anticipation of their possible deployment in eastern Europe in support of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) (NATO) in the event that Russia invades Ukraine, while Moscow condemned what it called hysteria in the West. about possible Russian military action […]