Across the United States on a solar bike

In the case of electric cars, the idea has been around for some time. For example, the Munich startup Sono Motors is working on a solar car in which the corresponding modules are integrated into the exterior of the vehicle. This should generate a few additional kilometers of range every day. However, charging at the socket should by no means become superfluous. The situation is different with electric bicycles. If the motor only has a supporting effect here and the driver continues to pedal, the energy from the sun can be sufficient to be permanently self-sufficient. Renewable energy activist Sushil Reddy is currently proving this. He has long been a fan of electric bicycles and, among other things, once held the Guinness World Record for the longest tour with an electric bicycle. At that time he drove 7,424 kilometers across India.

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The tour starts in North Carolina and ends in Texas

Now he has decided on an even more ambitious project: he will ride a solar bike more than ten thousand kilometers across the United States. In contrast to a car, there is of course no roof on a bike on which solar cells can be attached. These are therefore located above the luggage rack and extend a little further out to the rear. Compared to solar cars, of course, significantly less weight has to be moved. Because less energy is therefore required, the two square modules are usually sufficient to provide sufficient support for the driver while driving. Currently, Reddy, who is doing the trip together with his partner Luis Fourzan, is roughly in the middle of the tour. The two started in the US state of North Carolina. From there it went first to the east coast, then up to New York and then towards the west coast.

The action is part of a larger project

The solar bikes and their drivers are currently located in the US state of Montana. In the next few weeks it will initially go to Seattle. From there, the route then leads along the coast to San Diego, before the two activists, as it were, turn onto the home straight and turn east again. The destination is then in Texas. All in all, the result is a distance of 10,460 kilometers. The tour is also embedded in the SunPedal Ride project, which Reddy launched in 2016. The aim is to travel long distances with as conspicuous and emission-free vehicles as possible and thus generate attention for the topics of sustainable mobility and renewable energies. An elementary part of the concept is also to get into conversation with people while on the move and thus provide information. In the past, Reddy was already on the road with a solar rickshaw, for example.

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