Burning mosques and destroying homes… a new wave of violence against Indian Muslims in Tripura state

Indian media quoted the Association of Muslim Scholars in the mountainous state of Tripura in northeastern India, that some mosques and minority residences in parts of the state were attacked after the violence in neighboring Bangladesh, and demanded the state government to act against what it described as “mobs”.

The mass circulation Hindustan Times said that a delegation from the association lodged a protest with the office of the state chief minister and the director general of police, demanding action to stop the attacks and to take all legal measures against the people behind these incidents.

The Ulema Association said some mosques and minority residential areas were attacked, mostly in the western and northern parts of the state.

The association explained that these actions came as a response to the violence against the Hindu minority in Bangladesh, expressing its rejection of every manifestation of violence against any religious minority in any country.

And human rights website India Tomorrow broadcast videos of the attacks carried out by “Hindu rioters” against the Muslim minority in some areas of the state, and said that “Hindu demonstrators set fire to shops and homes belonging to the Muslim minority.”

He added that the police did not take any action against them, “which raises questions about their explicit support for the rioters, and their failure to act to protect Muslims.”

For his part, the former head of the Minority Commission, Dr. Zafar Islam Khan, said that the state of Tripura has been burning since last Thursday, stressing the presence of organized attacks on the Muslim minority in the state, which resulted in the destruction of mosques, homes and shops belonging to the Muslim population.

Khan said in exclusive statements to Al-Jazeera Net that the violence began after the “demonstration of defiance” organized by the Hindu World Organization in the city of Bani Sagar in the state, in protest against the attacks on the Hindu minority in Bangladesh.

He pointed out that there are video clips circulating on the communication sites showing “crimes against Muslims”, as he pointed out that the “mob” was subjected to the Holy Prophet Muhammad, may God bless him and grant him peace, with insults and abuse.

In turn, a spokesman for the country’s ruling Hindu Nationalist Party stated that party staff from the minority division are closely monitoring the events, and are “everywhere to ensure that such undesirable activities do not occur”.

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