Sunday, November 28

Court stops prison sentence for Bayern Munich defender Hernandez

A Madrid court announced – in a statement today, Wednesday – that it had suspended the implementation of the previous sentence of imprisonment for Luca Hernandez – defender of Bayern Munich and the France national team – for a period of 6 months after he violated a court decision and after he was convicted of domestic violence against his partner in 2017.

The court said that it decided to suspend the execution of the sentence for a period of 4 years as long as the player did not commit any new mistake in that period, and this includes a fine of 96,000 euros.

The main incident occurred in 2017, when Hernandez, who was playing for Atletico Madrid, had a fight with his fiancée in the Spanish capital.

The girl was taken to hospital due to injuries, and although neither of them filed a complaint, the public prosecutor accused them of “mutual aggression”.

The court issued a ruling on the French international to spend 31 days in community service and prevented him from being within 500 meters of his fiancée, and imposed on her to spend the same period in community service, and prevented them from communicating for 6 months.

However, Hernandez married his partner, and was arrested in June 2017 for violating the court’s decision after arriving with her in Spain after a honeymoon.

Hernandez was sentenced to six months in prison in 2019 for violating the court’s decision, and it was not possible to obtain a comment from the player or his representatives after the verdict was issued on Wednesday.

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