Start-ups: WLDOHO: On course for expansion with plastic-free razors

The equivalent of 30 billion euros is sold annually worldwide with disposable plastic razors. When you look at the product price, it becomes clear: That’s a lot of razors – and an incredible amount of rubbish. The founders of the start-up WLDHOHO from Dudenhofen in the Palatinate region found: That has to change. They want to give the good old safety razor a renaissance.

WLDOHO sells safety razors and accessories for plastic-free shaving three-quarters through its own web shop and one quarter through Amazon – with success: 7 million euros in sales are planned for 2021. The start-up, founded in 2017, already has internationalization in mind.

Co-founder and CEO Tung Do explains the business model in an interview.


Tung Do (left) and Benjamin Rettinger founded the start-up to make personal hygiene more sustainable.

Let’s be honest and without any buzzwords: How would you explain the start-up to your parents?
We sell plastic-free razors on the internet without expensive replacement blades. And yes, we can make a living from it. Also because we manage everything ourselves with our 19-strong team: from product development, design, production, logistics to marketing and customer support. Or to put it in a nutshell: We push buttons and earn money with it.

How do you describe your business model to a potential partner in a tweet (280 characters)?
We sell a product that we make accessible to the mainstream with storytelling. It corresponds to the zeitgeist of sustainability, which is currently lived by younger generations. Since we sell directly to the end customer without a middleman, we work very profitably.

Which companies / customers have you already convinced?
Our main target group are women in young adulthood under 25, because there is a great willingness among them to change routines and habits in order to live more sustainably. In addition, we receive inquiries almost every day from companies who would like to jump on the sustainability trend.

Who would you like to do business with?
The market for our products is very large. We offer a sustainable, skin-friendly and high-quality solution for everyone who already shaves or wants to do so in the future. We are currently looking specifically at women aged 30 and over as potential customers. We are noticing that awareness of environmental protection is growing rapidly in this group.

What was the most important finding since the start?
Starting a business for the first time means, especially at the beginning, that you will encounter many new challenges and hurdles. Despite the variety of tasks, it is important not to lose focus on your own vision, the overall picture. Consistently pursuing one’s plan, even across lengthy processes, is an entrepreneurial art.
When it comes to e-commerce in particular, the selection and tailoring of the product that you want to sell are essential. We started with business bags and folders in 2017 and switched to the idea of ​​sustainable safety razors a year later, because we can offer a unique selling point on the razor market with a special design and consistent quality that is still very much different from disposable items containing plastic is dominated. In addition, you should orientate yourself closely to your target group and their problems in order to come up with the best possible solutions.

WLDOHO offers the plastic-free safety razors in various types of wood, among other things.


WLDOHO offers the plastic-free safety razors in various types of wood, among other things.

Which number of successes are you particularly proud of?
Since we do not come from one of the start-up hotspots like Berlin, Hamburg or Munich, we have set ourselves a personal success brand that is connected to our home village and company headquarters in Dudenhofen. Our goal has always been to have more followers than there are residents in our village. We’ve been doing this for some time now and have passed the 6,000 mark.

What headline would you like to read about your start-up in a business newspaper in five years?
“From Dudenhofen to the whole world: How WLDOHO has revolutionized the razor market.” Within the next five years, we want to grow into a brand that is also known internationally for sustainable razors. To do this, we will soon expand – first within the EU, then to the USA.

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