The death of Judge Ahmed El-Shazly, the final verdict in “Masria Tiran and Sanafir”


Cairo- Egyptian political, judicial, and media figures mourned Judge Ahmed El-Shazly, Vice President of the State Council (administrative judiciary), and head of the department that issued a final and final ruling on the Egyptian islands of Tiran and Sanafir.

And Egyptian media reported, quoting judicial sources, that El-Shazly died yesterday evening, Tuesday, in a hospital in the Egyptian capital, Cairo, after a struggle that lasted nearly two weeks with the new Corona virus.

The Supreme Administrative Court, held under the chairmanship of Counselor Ahmed El-Shazly, had ruled in January 2017 to reject the State Litigation Authority’s appeal against the Administrative Court’s ruling invalidating the border demarcation agreement signed between Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

Judge Ahmed El-Shazly said in his ruling that “Egypt’s sovereignty over the islands of Tiran and Sanafir is cut off from them,” explaining that the court was unanimous in this ruling, and affirmed that the two islands are Egyptian.

Counsellor El-Shazly was born in 1955 in Basyoun Center in Gharbia Governorate (north of Cairo), belonging to the family of Lieutenant-General Saad El-Din El-Shazly, Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces in the October 1973 war. He received his legal education at the Faculty of Law at Cairo University and graduated in 1976 with a very good grade. Then he obtained two diplomas in public international law and administrative sciences.

Al-Shazly joined the State Council in the class of 1976, then moved in the judicial section of the Council for a period of more than 30 years between the Commission of Commissioners, the Administrative Court and the Supreme Administrative Court. .

The late judge was also a member of the oath of the First Circuit of the Supreme Administrative Court, which issued rulings supporting the invalidity of the privatization of a number of public sector companies, such as the “Omar Effendi” and “Tanta” linen companies. with professional and labor unions.

The communication sites were filled with posts of obituaries and memorials for the late deceased, in which judges and lawyers participated, as well as politicians, journalists and media professionals, calling for him to have mercy and to inspire his family, students and lovers patience and solace.

Source : Egyptian media + The island + Social Media

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