Sunday, November 28

The Yemeni army is advancing in several locations in Marib, and the Houthis announce control of al-Juba and Jabal Murad

Yemeni army spokesman Abdo Mujalli said that the army forces have achieved progress and control in several locations south of Ma’rib governorate, while the Houthi military spokesman announced the group’s control of the Juba and Jabal Murad districts.

Majali explained – in a press briefing – that the army’s artillery destroyed the combat vehicles and crews of the Ansar Allah Houthi group in the areas of Murad, Harib, and Al-Juba, while the coalition aircraft destroyed weapons stores, armored vehicles and Houthi military reinforcements.

The army spokesman confirmed the killing and wounding of dozens of Houthi fighters, as well as the arrest of field leaders.

In the western outskirts of Ma’rib Governorate, he said that the Houthis incurred heavy losses in personnel and equipment on the Sarwah and al-Mashjah fronts.

On the other hand, the military spokesman for the Ansar Allah group, the Houthis, announced the group’s control of the districts of Al-Juba and Jabal Murad, south of Ma’rib Governorate.

And media affiliated with the group said that they entered the Murad Mountain District after an agreement with the residents.

A tribal source said that the agreement stipulates that the directorate will be spared fighting, without any comment from the Yemeni government so far.

The sources indicated that clashes continued between the army forces backed by tribesmen on the one hand, and the Houthis on the other hand in the Juba district, and the coalition announced raids targeting Houthi gatherings there.

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