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Turkey and the Arab world..a realistic and futuristic vision

Turkey celebrates the 98th anniversary of the founding of the republic, which is a dear occasion for the Turkish people, who struggled for their independence and the unification of their lands within the framework of the modern state founded by Ghazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk.

On this day, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk announced the founding of the Turkish Republic on October 29, 1923.

The event acquires importance as we approach the 100th anniversary of the founding of the republic, in light of a popular and official preparation for a revival towards the future, after a century of popular struggle in which Turkey witnessed huge challenges, and was targeted in its entity and existence by failed coup attempts, not the last of which happened in July 2016. But the vigilance of the people was on the lookout, and he remains the faithful guardian of the crescent, embracing the star of the nation, in a march strewn with the blood of the martyrs; This is how the country’s flag symbolizes, and its sacrifices are told by the anthem of independence.

When we recall this occasion dear to our hearts, we are not satisfied with merely looking back with admiration on the past and its exploits; Turkey is well aware of its regional position, deals with the facts of the political reality, and understands the roots of problems in a region that is not alien to it.

At this pivotal stage in its history, Turkey seeks good neighborly relations with all its neighbors, and invites them to a road map towards a participatory future that achieves prosperity and justice for all. We are not afraid of the evidence of reducing tension in the Middle East, in what can be described as an urgent pacification of political and diplomatic fires that Turkey has repeatedly warned And again, the seriousness of its repercussions on everyone.

Turkey enjoys the longest land borders with its Arab neighbors in Iraq and Syria, and if these are the facts of geography, the facts of history also tell us that what binds us to the Arab peoples culturally and religiously cannot be separated or skipped, and when we are reconciled with these common factors, we can work Together to address all concerns without the need for outside interference from anyone.

regional partnership

The sudden and unorganized US withdrawal from Afghanistan caused confusion in the political scene and raised great security concerns. However, this event, which affected the entire region, was not without important and indispensable lessons. Chief among them is that no lasting stability can be imported through soldiers who travel thousands of kilometers away. The collapse of the Afghan army, supported both financially and technically, has proven that imposing a regime through cultural guardianship and foreign protection does not lead to the building of a country or the achievement of desired development.

By virtue of my work as the ambassador of my country, Turkey, to the State of Qatar, I can always confirm that the collective security of the Arab Gulf is at the heart of the Turkish security equation. Therefore, the Republic of Turkey welcomed the Al-Ula agreement between the brothers in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, and encouraged bilateral dialogue without preconditions as a mechanism for settling disputes and differences in Visions with the right of each country to pursue an independent approach to political practice

From this standpoint, Turkey has always sought to establish regional partnerships based on mutual recognition of rights; Achieving justice for all brings us to an equation of lasting security and prosperity, and that is why Turkey has always been next to its neighbors and allies, and this is the essence of its cooperation with Azerbaijan in restoring its lands as a right guaranteed by Security Council resolutions and principles of international law, and it is the same logic that governs its cooperation with Libya and its legitimate government. The previous and current interim government, and despite the permanent distortion attempts by some intruders in the region, Turkey has proven that it is keen on consensus among the components of the Libyan people and its openness to all, and its absolute support for holding the presidential and parliamentary elections on their scheduled date next December without obstacles that exacerbate the suffering of the Libyan people Karim, as explained by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Turkey Mevlut Cavusoglu.

active diplomacy

The prestigious Turkish diplomatic institution is working on restoring damaged official relations between countries in the region in response to a common desire, and while welcoming these efforts, it follows a dynamic diplomatic policy that seeks to zero the number of problems, and its logic in this is due to a real desire to extend the hands of economic and cultural cooperation between our peoples As a locomotive for improving political relations, without prejudice to the right of peoples to free and direct choice of their rulers, and to participate in shaping their future. Therefore, important diplomatic visits to Ankara, and from there, are active with high-ranking official delegations from Egypt, the UAE, Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries; In a joint endeavor that reflects the fact that it is difficult to separate from our reality and our geographical and vital surroundings, the Turkish economic councils and businessmen associations are resuming their meetings to discuss appropriate economic opportunities with their counterparts in various Arab countries.

Turkey and the Gulf

And by virtue of my work as an ambassador of my country to the State of Qatar, I can always confirm that the collective security of the Arab Gulf is at the heart of the Turkish security equation. Therefore, the Republic of Turkey welcomed the Al-Ula agreement between the brothers in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, and encouraged bilateral dialogue without preconditions as a mechanism for settling disputes and differences in visions. With the right of each country to pursue an independent approach to political practice.

Turkey also gives special priority to the security of energy supplies and freedom of navigation in international waters, and condemns all forms of air violations and bombing of civilian and economic facilities in the sisterly Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and calls on all parties to the conflict in Yemen to quickly end the suffering of the noble Yemeni people.

defensive independence

Turkey has achieved what it aspires to protect its interests thanks to the policy of self-reliance drawn up by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and today it protects its sky and soil and guards its borders with highly advanced and sophisticated homemade defense technology, and Turkey does not beg for its weapons from anyone, as it has arrived in many Defense majors have become self-sufficient, and their exports of locally manufactured weapons have grown by 30% during the past five years ending in 2020, compared to the corresponding period ending in 2015, according to a report by the SIPRI International Peace Research Institute.

In contrast, Turkey’s arms imports decreased by 59% in the past five years (2016-2020) compared to the period between 2011 and 2015, according to the same report.

Turkey also looks to the future by encouraging the involvement of its youth in advanced technology and adopting an ambitious space program in which it launched military and civil satellites to ensure Turkey’s progress among the advanced countries in this field, believing that the independence of defense capabilities is a guarantee to protect the right of the country and its allies from any attacks targeting it.

At the same time, Turkey is seeking to give precedence to the language of dialogue in the issue of the Eastern Mediterranean, which was evident in the recent statement of the Turkish Foreign Ministry, commenting on a summit that brought together the leaders of Greece, Greek Cyprus and Egypt, in which Turkey saw a failed attempt to undermine its interests and the interests of the Turkish Cypriots, and it met the Turkish Navy decisively The Greek and Cypriot incursions into the economic waters sent a clear message that it is not possible to develop any future project to exploit the wealth of the eastern Mediterranean based on the incursion of the right of Turkey and Turkish Cyprus.

economic renaissance

Despite the pandemic that struck the world due to the Corona virus, Turkey has achieved unprecedented historical figures in exports, and expectations are increasing that Turkish exports for the current year will record a record, the highest in the history of the republic, in which the value of exports exceeds 210 billion dollars, after its value declined to 169.6 billion dollars in 2020. .

For the first time, Turkey receives 1% of the world’s total exports, after it constituted only 0.14% of global exports in 1980.

Our vision for the future is also based on strengthening our independence in the field of energy and diversifying its sources, and the recent gas discoveries have achieved the country’s hope to improve its position in the energy market and achieve the necessary partial sufficiency with the growth of the Turkish economy, which is expected to achieve a rate of up to 9% this year, according to official statistics.

We believe that every step or economic progress we achieve encourages investment in our country, which welcomes cooperation that guarantees access to dense markets in Central Asia, Europe and the Middle East. Part of the world is not only the past, but the present and the bright future, God willing.

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