Until he pleads with her from his oppression.. a detained Egyptian politician recommends burying him in prison clothes

Yahya Hussein Abdel Hadi, the imprisoned Egyptian politician and former spokesperson for the Civil Democratic Movement, recommended during his speech before the Nasr City Misdemeanors Court that he be buried in prison clothes when he died.

And human rights lawyer Mohamed Fathi quoted Abdel-Hadi as saying on Monday before the judge that he recommends that he be buried in prison clothes if he dies inside his prison cell due to his poor health, “so that he may argue against his injustice.”

He said in press statements that the court heard the pleading of the prosecution and that of the defense team, which asked to allow Abdel Hadi to speak, to speak before the court about his upbringing and the positions he held in state institutions, and his fight against corruption and exploitation, mentioning the issue of “the privatization of Omar Effendi.”

He added, “Today, he will be held accountable for everything he did,” noting that “he will come out of his prison and continue his career and defend the truth and the January revolution (January 2011) or he will go out to the rehab of his master,” stressing that “I testify to the court of the will that he informed his family, It is for him to be buried in prison clothes until he pleads with them against his wrongdoing.”

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