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In the “Animal Portrait” category, a Kuwaiti photographer wins the most prominent wildlife photography competition in the world

Kuwaiti photographer Majid Al-Zaabi won first place in the “Animal Portrait” category in the annual competition of the British Museum of Natural History

Kuwait- Kuwaiti photographer Majed Al-Zaabi did not forget the scene of his father carrying a video camera on his shoulder, to document the footage of their family life in childhood; Which instilled in him a love of photography, and pushed him to break into this world professionally in 2004.

His love and passion for watching wildlife films and his determination to try many times to photograph similar footage was the impetus to enter the world of photography, to be able to finally win first place in the World Wildlife Photography Contest organized by the British Museum of Nature History annually and globally, for Category “Animal Portrait”.

Difficult circumstances that Al-Zaabi experienced during his quest to film the winning shot, but he believes that it is worth the adventure; He had to walk hours for hours to reach the wild animals, amid fears of being attacked by wild animals, in a journey that lasted about 4 hours up and down until he was able to take the pictures he wanted to get.

Majed Al Zaabi during the filming trip in Uganda (Kuwaiti press)

winning shot

Al-Zaabi added that the winning photo was taken in Uganda in the “Bound” nature reserve of a gorilla called “Kapandi”, meaning the flat head, and is 40 years old, explaining that the gorilla was sitting with her family eating weeds when the rain started, so most of the family members took cover. From the rain except Kabandi I stayed enjoying it, and this was the picture I took of her.

He adds that the picture contains calm, peace and tranquility because of the elements that made it win this major international prize, pointing out that this type of monkey is facing the threat of extinction, due to the encroachment on their living places and the reduction of the number of forests, but the organizations are making a lot of efforts to protect them.

It is noteworthy that the 57th edition of the Wildlife Photography Competition organized by the British Museum of Nature History received more than 50,000 entries from 95 countries around the world, and the winners were distributed in several categories, including children under 10 years and adolescents.

gorilla "Kabandi" Side shot - British Wildlife Award winning photographer“Kabandi” in a side shot (Kuwaiti press)

The award includes specialized categories, such as “animals in their habitat,” “birds,” “animal behavior,” “mammals,” “reptiles,” as well as “natural art,” “plants and fungi,” “urban wildlife,” and “journalism.” “.

future goals

And about his ambition to become a professional in photography, Al-Zaabi says that he wants more participation in various international competitions, pointing out that he was chosen this year as a member of the jury in the World Birds Competition 2021, as the first Arab on the jury of this competition, as he previously won the award. grand competition 2019

Al-Zaabi won more than 100 international awards in photography, most notably 12 achievements in the “National Geographic” competition among selected images for the magazine or competitions, and second place in the Planet Earth competition in Mexico, and his victory for the “Kapandi” shot in the most prominent competition was like the World Cup for photographers Wildlife.

The Kuwaiti photographer confirms that he participated in the wildlife photographer competition for 10 years since 2011, and he dreamed of choosing one of his photos in the wildlife book, but every year 5 or 6 photos were nominated for him to the finals, and he did not hesitate to participate until he got On the first place out of 50 thousand photos, stressing that insistence was the reason for winning.

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