Iraq.. Counting and manual counting operations continue with the sit-in of those protesting the election results

In the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, re-counting and manual counting of a number of polling stations continue, which were marred by doubts about the announced results. Meanwhile, supporters of the parties opposed to the results continue their sit-in near the Green Zone in Baghdad.

Today, Thursday, the Independent High Electoral Commission announced the start of the manual counting of the contested stations in Babil Governorate.

She added that in the coming days, the screening of the contested stations will be in the capital, Baghdad, next to Karkh and Rusafa, and then the other provinces, respectively.

Al-Jazeera correspondent quoted the commission after it finished counting the votes of Nineveh Governorate yesterday, declaring that the results matched the electronic count.

And the Iraqi News Agency (INA) quoted Muhannad Mustafa, a member of the media team of the Electoral Commission, as saying that the Commission completed the manual counting and sorting process for the contested stations in Nineveh Governorate, which numbered 102.

Mustafa indicated that the process took place with the participation of 20 teams of registration staff and the presence of the National Office staff.

He stated that the Commission is seeking to expedite the completion of the manual counting and sorting process coupled with the accuracy of the technical work, explaining that the Commission has taken it upon itself to carry out the procedures by specialized teams.

He explained that the procedures take place in the presence of local observers of the candidates who submitted appeals, observers of civil society organizations and international observers.

The commission said earlier that the number of electoral centers that will be subject to the recount process is more than two thousand electoral centers distributed over a number of governorates.

continuation of the sit-in

In a related context, supporters of the parties objecting to the election results continue to sit in the vicinity of the Green Zone in central Baghdad, rejecting the results, and demanding that all votes be counted manually, or cancel the elections altogether.

Yesterday, at the sit-in, Baghdad witnessed a demonstration to demand the abolition of electronic counting and the replacement of manual counting with it.

The demonstrators chanted slogans rejecting the results, and demanding accountability for the members of the Commission for manipulating the results, as they put it.

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