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Jad Humaidan..Detained and pursued at the same time

Nablus – “I want a solution to my case, and I will not be patient any longer, and I will keep waiting for promises,” this is the content of a message conveyed by Jad Humaidan al-Muqassem, who is detained by Palestinian security in al-Junaid prison in the city of Nablus (northern West Bank), to his family during his visit to check on him after he went on an open hunger strike.

Humaidan’s words revived his painful story as the last of the resistance fighters chased by the occupation during the Al-Aqsa Intifada in 2000 in Al-Ain camp near Nablus, from which he hails. And the last of those who were detained by the Palestinian Authority “precautionary” through a settlement agreement in 2008 stipulates that they surrender themselves and their weapons to it, provided that the Authority obtains an Israeli amnesty by releasing them and ensuring their safety.

In this case, Gad (45 years old) remained for 13 years, and when his case ended, or “a file is opened to discuss it to find out his fate,” says his mother, Dalilah Khaled (Raed’s mother), who was tormented by his long absence and his distance from his children and family at a time when they most needed him. .

This is how Gad appeared during his family’s last visit to him a few days ago (Al-Jazeera)

without others

The grieving mother adds to Al Jazeera Net that Jad and other stalkers did not open his file and did not know what would happen to him, while his counterparts received an Israeli amnesty, “and they spent their lives in peace and safety among their children and their families.”

Jad Humaidan’s case topped social media sites as soon as he went on hunger strike, which he suspended “temporarily”, according to his mother, after 8 days, based on “serious promises” from security officials, politicians and faction leaders who visited him at his detention facility in Al-Junaid prison.

And its impact increased even more after the Humaidan family and citizens of Al-Ain camp organized a “silent” demonstration to demand a solution to his case, and carried pictures of him from inside his prison and banners appealing to the top of the pyramid of the Palestinian Authority, President Mahmoud Abbas to look into his matter.

Israel arrested Jad Humaidan, who belongs to the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, who is 15 years old, during the first intifada, and then administratively arrested him in 2002 for a whole year, and immediately after that, Israel chased him for 6 years and killed his brother Muhammad during attempts to arrest him.

Atef Douglas - Jad's children and his mother in their home demand a final solution for their father and his release - West Bank - Nablus - Al-Ain camp - Al-Jazeera Net3Gad’s children and his mother in their home demand a final solution for their father and his release (Al-Jazeera)

I want a solution

Gad calls – as his mother conveys – to expedite the authority’s discussion of his file with the occupation, which leads to a pardon and a full release of him, or a partial release that is limited to overnight stays only in prison until his order is decided upon and a full pardon is obtained, “which is what happened with other pursuers.”

Despite her longing to see him free, his mother does not want her son’s incomplete release without deciding his fate, whether when the occupation determines what he wants from him and does not harm him after his release, or when the Palestinian Authority is satisfied with the period of his imprisonment with it, “but we fear that his arrest will be a goal in itself for the authority,” says his mother. .

The family requests an improvement in Jad’s living situation by raising his rank and increasing his salary, which is not enough to support him, 5 children, his wife and his mother.

The poor financial situation forced Gad’s eldest son Tariq, a 15-year-old child, to work in the market, and the family is now considering removing his other child, Muhammad, from school for the same purpose.

Sitting next to her grandmother, Umm Raed, Jad’s youngest child, Asia, was embracing in her slender arms a picture of her father and a sign on which she wrote in support of his cause, which the family held in solidarity with him.

Asia says in scattered words that she, like the rest of the children, wishes to embrace her father daily and celebrate with him occasions such as holidays at home, not in prison, as is the case now.

The occupation refuses

Jad’s family does not deny the authority’s “protection” and prevented the occupation from arresting him, and said that he is being held in good conditions in terms of appropriate place of detention, communication with his family and others, and he receives weekly visits.

Al Jazeera Net was unable to contact Major General Talal Dwaikat, spokesman for the Palestinian security services, to find out the course of Gad’s case, “because he was busy with a meeting”, according to his escort, but the authority assures his family that the file is in the hands of the occupation and is striving to solve it, and that it “is holding him to protect him.”

According to Zaher al-Shashtari, a member of the political leadership of the Popular Front, who was part of the security and factional delegation in the last meeting with Jad a few days ago, this solution will be “in the next three months with regard to improving his living situation, as for his arrest file, the occupation refuses to discuss it.”

In his prison, Jad Humaidan spends year after year in detention with the Palestinian Authority to “protect him”, and during the occupation he is still wanted, and “he must be imprisoned and judged by an Israeli like the rest of his comrades,” as one of the Israeli officers told his mother during the storming of his house shortly after surrendering to the authority.

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