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Morning briefing: Galaxus + DM, TK Maxx, Hama, Schöner Wohnen, import prices, consumer climate, Very + Adidas + Rebook, Poshmark, Quirion, WLDOHO, Mytheresa

Actually good news: Around 300 products from DM’s own brands “Balea”, “Balea Men”, “Alverde” and “Ebelin” are available immediately available, informs DM. Since DM does not operate any markets in Switzerland, there is no cannibalization. Galaxus refers on the “Switzerland-wide exclusive cooperation“and announces further DM products by the end of the year. Everything is great? Mnja. Although Galaxus explains the higher prices in Switzerland, the retailer has to ask very critical questions from customers right after the press release. That was certainly not planned.

TK Maxx before entering German e-commerce
The US fashion retailer TK Maxx, which has so far only been represented in Germany with 164 stationary stores, is planning to enter the local e-commerce sector. As found out, a customer service center is currently being set up in Düsseldorf. There will also be a new customer service department in Düsseldorf, which will then also look after the online business. It is not yet known when exactly the German online shop will start with which business model. In Europe there is currently only one TK Maxx online shop in Great Britain.

Photo dealer Hama starts online shops – also for dealers

Hama, a specialist in all kinds of accessories in the photo, video, audio and computer segments, now also sells online directly to end customers. That should only happen at the recommended retail price, reports Internetworld.deso as not to snub stationary retail. For dealers, Hama’s only sales channel so far, there will be B2B shops, among other things. calls the new strategy “a visible break with the past”.

“Better living” gets the product website
The publishing house Gruner + Jahr has launched a website with the same name in the context of its magazine “Schöner Wohnen”. is however rather online catalog with dealer search and ordering options because a full online shop.

The next jump for import prices
After the Figures from the Federal Statistical Office In Germany, import prices have risen once again. In September they were 17.7 percent above the level of the same month last year. According to statisticians, there was a similarly high change in 1981 during the second oil price crisis. At that time, import prices in August 1981 were 19.5 percent higher than a year earlier. This summer the prices had also risen, in July by 15 percent, in August by 16.5 percent, each based on the months of 2020. The increase from August 2021 to September was 1.3 percent. In the case of consumer goods, prices went up by 3.3 percent in September, durable goods were 2.9 percent more expensive. According to the authority’s analysis, the main reason for the sharp price jumps lies in the development of energy prices.

A slight plus for GfK’s consumer confidence
GfK expects the consumer climate in November a value of 0.9 points, a slight increase compared to October, as the market researchers had expected 0.4 points. But the analysis of the individual sectors shows a mixed picture, they say. The propensity to save is clearly decreasing, the value is now minus 45.2 points, 13 points less compared to the previous month. The economic expectations show 46.6 points, which means a minus of 1.9 points, but is still at a very high level. Compared to the previous year, the plus is 40 points. The confidence of German consumers is still there. As a result of the inflation worries, however, income expectations have dropped significantly by 14.1 points, the indicator now shows a value of 23.3 points. For the second time in a row, however, the propensity to buy has increased. The best value has been achieved for ten months, with a plus of six points it now stands at 19.4 points.


TRADE INTERNATIONALGreat Britain: Very delivers Adidas and Rebook without touching the warehouse
The British online retailer Very, which focuses on clothing, has launched warehouse-free fulfillment: some of the products from Adidas and Rebook are not seen from the inside of a Very warehouse, but are delivered directly to customers by the manufacturers. This doubled the number of available products from these brands in one fell swoop, so the company. It plans to soon expand the concept to include brands such as Quiz, Lacoste, Kickers, Berghaus, Speedo and Ann Summers.

Second-hand marketplace Poshmark lets the brands run, a US site for second-hand items from the fashion, interior design and jewelry segments, among others, opens up to brand providers: The program with the name “Brand Closet” (for example “Brand Cabinet”) is explicitly aimed at large brands that can get in touch with Poshmark users via social merchandising tools (according to the company, there are around 80 million) . The tools include communication channels such as “My Shoppers”, tools for time-limited offers (“Drops Soon”) and so-called “Posh Parties”. Overall, the new program sounds more like new goods.


Three studies in quick succession

  • The world’s online retailers can be found in the Christmas season 2021 expect sales of 910 billion US dollars, an increase of eleven percent, according to Adobe in the “Shopping Forecast”. (
  • Anyone in Germany Smart TV set owns, is much more likely to buy the advertised product after an advertisement than someone sitting in front of a classic television, according to advertising technology provider Magnite. (
  • 39 percent of the people surveyed by market researcher Onfido said they were interested in the Use of online services Feel more comfortable today than before the Covid 19 pandemic – 20 percent, however, explicitly state that they feel uncomfortable. (

Shopping digital investment in the supermarket
Gift cards for online shops are a familiar sight in stationary retail. Quirion is according to their own information the first financial service provider to offer prepaid cards for investments through supermarkets. The so-called Robo-Advisor Quirion is a digital asset management based on exchange-traded funds (ETFs). The voucher cards are currently being distributed in around 3,600 Edeka stores. The cards are activated at the supermarket checkout and can then be redeemed online on the Quirion website. We combine the classic offline retail world with our digital online world, ”says Quirion CEO Martin Daut. With the voucher cards, he also wants to reach those who have not yet dealt with investing in the capital market.


Start-ups: WLDOHO – expanding with plastic-free razors
The equivalent of 30 billion euros is sold annually worldwide with disposable plastic razors. When you look at the product price, it becomes clear: That’s a lot of razors – and an incredible amount of rubbish. The founders of the start-up WLDOHO from Dudenhofen in the Palatinate state: That has to change. They want to give the good old safety razor a renaissance.

Mytheresa aims to be climate neutral by mid-2022

The Munich luxury online retailer Mytheresa wants to work climate-neutrally from the current financial year (which ends on June 30, 2022), reports The focus is on the company’s own business operations including deliveries and returns, more precisely: so-called Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions (electricity, heat, cooling, fleet) and parts of Scope 3 emissions (flights, data centers, packaging, logistics ). Customers can take part for an additional fee.

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