The Guest House in Ajloun, Jordan, is the destination for those looking for rural life

Many are keen on a simple life, by restoring the traditions they inherited from their parents and grandparents, but most of them encounter a lack of experience and knowledge about how to practice and apply.

The Jordanian people, like the rest of the peoples of the world, have diverse cultures between the desert, the countryside, the city and the camp, and each of them is famous for its customs and traditions that distinguish it from others.

Sabah Bani Salman “Um Ahmed” is a Jordanian woman who lives in the village of Kufranja in the Ajloun governorate in the north of the country. Her love and adherence to “baladi bread” made in traditional ovens led her to establish a private rural project, which turned into a destination for researchers to experience the past with the flavor of the present.

Sabah Bani Salman, “Um Ahmed”, is a Jordanian woman who lives in her home in the village of Kafrnaja, in the Ajloun Governorate in the north of the country (Anatolia).

baladi bread

The house of Bani Salman, 44, has become a tourist destination, after making it a “guest house” and a place where the visitor sees Jordanian products that have disappeared, and their presence has become scarce.

“Um Ahmed” used to eat baladi bread, relying on her mother, but the latter’s illness and her cessation of that, prompted the Jordanian woman to rely on herself, despite the difficulties she faced.

She points out that “the first difficulty was in the method of making dough, then in making bread on taboon ovens (burned with livestock manure) and waqdah ovens (burned with wood).”

She continues, “I started relying on the second type of furnace (the stove), and I made a model of a clay furnace, but I developed it into concrete (concrete), so that it would not be broken again, as was the case with me,” according to her interview with Anatolia.

"The guest house" Jordan's Baajloun..the destination for those looking for rural lifeUmm Ahmed became famous and became known in Jordan, which reinforced the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčexpanding the project for her (Anatolia)

“Many liked the idea, and encouraged the women of the region to make bread, but they were looking for an oven similar to mine, and from here the idea came to me.”

She explains, “I designed an iron mold for the furnace, then formed it from concrete in the same construction method, and began selling it to those who wanted it. My reputation became well known throughout the Kingdom, and this was reinforced by my participation in one of the bazaars in the capital Amman 4 years ago, which reinforced the idea of Expand my project.

"The guest house" Jordan's Baajloun..the destination for those looking for rural lifeThe most delicious and best country dishes made on the oven, most notably the traditional pastries (Anatolia)

The guest house

“After that, I received support from a Canadian organization through a local tourism company, and that was to help me prepare my house to be a home for hospitality, in which visitors find the simplicity of living, and to achieve the concept of rural agricultural tourism for them.”

Thus, the “guest house” run by “Um Ahmed” entered the tourist path in the region, and the energetic lady began to receive hundreds of visitors and tourists weekly, and served them the most delicious and delicious rural dishes made on the oven, most notably the zaatar pastries and the kiosk (a mixture of dried milk with bulgur wheat). .

"The guest house" Jordan's Baajloun..the destination for those looking for rural lifeUmm Ahmed: Our treatment of visitors is not different from our dealings with each other at home, as if they are from the people of the house (Anatolia).

Amid the glow of the fire emanating from the oven and the smoke covering her face, Umm Ahmed says in a tone of pride and pride, “Our treatment of visitors is no different from how we treat each other at home, as if they are from the people of the house, and this is what made the place bustling with them throughout the week.”

And she added, “Most of the reservations are on the weekend, Friday and Saturday, and some visitors ask about overnight stays, but the possibility does not allow that at the moment.”

"The guest house" Jordan's Baajloun..the destination for those looking for rural lifeHeritage equipment and utensils decorate the “guest house”, adding to the splendor of the place and attracting the attention of visitors (Anatolia)

Reviving the historical legacy

The calm and tranquility of the place and the sounds of the rustling of the leaves of the trees, the greenness of olive and pomegranate leaves, the chirping of birds, and the views of the traditional equipment and utensils hanging on the walls of the “guest house”, add to the place splendor and attract the attention of visitors.

Sabah Bani Salman is one of the few Jordanian women who are keen on reviving the historical heritage related to making rural bread and traditional foods, and she has become a clear title for researchers.

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