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Tunisia.. Marzouki warns that Said’s policies will lead to the destruction of the state and calls for his removal and trial

The former Tunisian President Moncef Marzouki called for a demonstration against the decisions of the current president, Kais Saied, and his dismissal and trial, along with his aides, on charges of “destroying the state and overthrowing the constitution and legitimacy.”

Al-Marzouki said – in a speech on his Facebook page – that Saeed destroyed the state of institutions through his exceptional measures, and that he is now working to destroy Tunisia as a state, by enacting an electoral law within what is known as “basic democracy”, which experiments have proven to fail, as he put it.

Marzouki called on Tunisian state institutions to realize the danger of the idea of ​​so-called grassroots democracy promoted by President Kais Saied and his supporters, he said.

He called for peaceful civil resistance, and the return of the people to the street to remove Saeed and hold him accountable with his aides, stressing that the referendum that Saeed intends to do is a “signature of the death certificate of the state of law and institutions.”

Al-Marzouki stressed the need “to leave aside political differences between the various parties and unions and unite in order to save the rule of law, institutions and the constitution.”

Since last July 25, Tunisia has been experiencing a severe political crisis, when Said began a series of exceptional decisions, including: freezing the competencies of Parliament, lifting the immunity of its deputies, abolishing the constitutionality monitoring body, issuing legislation by presidential decrees, headed by the Public Prosecution, and dismissing the Prime Minister, provided that He assumes the executive power with the assistance of a government whose head he has appointed.

The majority of political forces reject Said’s exceptional decisions, and consider them a “coup against the constitution”, while other forces support them and see them as a “correction of the course of the 2011 revolution”, in light of the political and economic crises and the Corona pandemic.

On more than one occasion, Saeed – who began in 2019 a 5-year presidential term – said that his exceptional decisions are not a coup, but are measures within the framework of the constitution to protect the state from “imminent danger”, according to his assessment.

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