Sunday, November 28

US Department of Energy drops $ 20 million

The US Department of Energy (DOE) has allocated $ 20 million to produce green hydrogen. The electricity required for the electrolysers does not come from wind, water or solar power plants, as is usually the case with such projects, but from the Palo Verde nuclear power plant in Arizona, which is operated by the Arizona Public Service Company (APS). In fact, electricity from this source is quite environmentally friendly compared to renewable energies. Only wind energy has better emission values.

Only wind is better than nuclear energy

According to the ├ľko-Institut in Freiburg, the CO2-Emissions from nuclear power plants, if you consider the entire chain from construction to uranium extraction and disposal, are 32 grams per kilowatt hour, hydropower is 40, wind energy is between 23 and 24 and solar energy is 101 grams per kilowatt hour. Coal is between 1153 and 949.

Hydrogen should become considerably cheaper

The aim of the DOE initiative is, on the one hand, to reduce the production costs for hydrogen to one dollar per kilogram. Today, using wind, solar, or water power, the price is anywhere from $ 3 to $ 6.55. The system consists of an electrolyser, a tank for six tons of hydrogen and a system in which this can be converted back into electricity if too little is fed into the grid.

Other possible uses are in the chemical industry, which annually consumes millions of tons of hydrogen, which is mainly produced from natural gas, the conversion in combination with carbon dioxide from the air into green fuels such as kerosene, gasoline and diesel or as a substitute for coke in Blast furnaces in which iron is smelted.

Siemens is also involved

“Using nuclear energy to produce hydrogen is an example of the DOE’s commitment to funding a whole host of innovative ways to create affordable, clean hydrogen and advance our transition to a carbon-free future,” said Deputy Secretary of Energy David Turk.

The project is being implemented by PNW Hydrogen, a subsidiary of the electricity supplier Pinnacle West Capital Corporation in Phoenix / Arizona. Numerous research institutions and industrial companies, including Siemens, are involved.


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