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With family and moral content.. “Nusa” is an Indonesian cartoon movie that breaks records in theaters

Its valuable content qualified it for the award for Best Indonesian Animated Short Film at the 2019 Indonesia Film Festival.

Jakarta- The Indonesian animated film “Nusa” broke the barrier of 100,000 tickets sold within less than two weeks of its showing in cinemas in Indonesia, as the first locally produced “family” movie to be shown after opening cinemas, following a 20-month closure due to the Corona pandemic.

“Noosa” has thus become the most famous locally produced cartoon for many years, and the film producers from the companies “Ficinema” and “Little Giants” say that if it were not for the restrictions imposed in galleries – where social distancing is imposed so far – the number of tickets sold would have been more than that. .

The film was shown on YouTube from November 2018 to January 2020, about the diaries of children of an Indonesian family, providing moral educational content, and this valuable content earned it the award for the best Indonesian short film at the 2019 Indonesia Film Festival.

popular channels

The film then moved to be shown on famous Indonesian television channels, “Net TV”, “Trans TV”, and “Indusyaar”, and episodes of it were broadcast on a local Malaysian channel, and the film faced many challenges that prevented the possibility of continuing its production in the form of a series. .

Then “Noosa” appeared again with a film version for cinemas, which was shown for the first time at the “Beifan” International Film Festival in South Korea last July, and was chosen as the best family film shown at the festival, which has been organized in South Korea annually since 1996, before To be shown in Indonesian cinemas as soon as they open.

film story

The movie “Noosa” tells the story of two children; “Nusa”, which means the land or the motherland, and his sister “Rara”, and aims to promote many moral and social values ​​in the context of the problems of daily life, and how “Nusa” strives in his educational attainment and excels in his school, and competes with another child, Johnny, in a scientific competition, The film also presents the character of the father who loves his family and encourages his children to achieve their education, and many dialogues between the child and his mother.

Art critics believe that the success of this cartoon film in competition in galleries with other Hollywood films shown at the same time, and despite the difficult period it went through due to the Corona pandemic; It will encourage Indonesian animated film producers to stand up again and do more of their work.

The film “Noosa” was presented with high technologies that exceeded what was previously locally produced from cartoon films, and 18 male and female artists participated in recording the voices of its characters.

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