She warned against unilateral change of laws.. The Association of Tunisian Judges renews its adherence to the independence of the judiciary

The Tunisian Judges Association announced its adherence to the independence of the judicial authority in the country, stressing that any pressure or interference in its affairs would weaken its role in protecting freedoms and the rule of law.

In a statement, the association refused to abolish the independence of the judiciary on the grounds of reform, stressing that the position of the judiciary in the political system to be changed in Tunisia cannot be harmed.

The association said that any project to reform the judiciary must take place within a participatory national dialogue, away from what it called projected unilateral approaches.

This statement comes after President Kais Saied asked the Minister of Justice to prepare a project related to the Supreme Judicial Council.

Tunisia suffers from a deteriorating economic situation that has worsened in light of a severe political crisis that the country has been experiencing, since its president, Kais Saied, began – on July 25 last – taking a series of exceptional decisions.

Among these decisions: freezing the parliament’s competencies, lifting the immunity of its representatives, abolishing the constitutionality of laws monitoring body, issuing legislation by presidential decrees, chairing the Public Prosecution, and dismissing the prime minister, provided that he assumes the executive authority with the assistance of a government whose president he has appointed.

The majority of political forces in Tunisia reject these decisions, and consider them a “coup against the constitution”, while other forces support them as a “correction of the course of the 2011 revolution” that toppled the regime of late President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali.

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