With a length of 72 centimeters, an American woman enters the Guinness Book of Records as the shortest woman in the world

The Guinness Book of Records announced that an American woman, who is only 28.3 inches (72 centimeters) tall, is the shortest living woman in the world today.

The disabled American “Wilden Omothe”, 18, who has a very rare form of dwarfism, set a new record for the shortest female alive, after taking her measurements 3 times.

And Guinness published, on its YouTube channel, the day before yesterday, Wednesday, a video clip showing the supervision of a specialist in the World Encyclopedia on the process of tight measurement of Omothy, where he confirmed her length, which broke the record.

After confirming her height, she presented her with a Guinness World Records certificate in the presence of her family.

In turn, Omwethe expressed her pride in being the first Haitian-American to set the shortest world record for a woman.

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