Sunday, November 28

“Airbnb” for renting residential rooms via the Internet supports its customers in 11 new languages ​​over the phone

San Francisco – Online apartment rental platform Airbnb has decided to offer an “urgent support line” service to users of 11 new languages, after it was only available to users with English as their primary language on the site.

And, a technology-focused website, indicated that this step is the latest among several steps Airbnb has taken since conducting some scrutiny in the past years about the security aspects of this platform.

Airbnb had launched the “Urgent Support Line” service earlier this year, which is provided through the Safety Center in the “Airbnb” application 24 hours before the user registers to arrive and 24 hours after leaving the room. The company says a request for help reaches a member of its support team within 30 seconds of being sent, and that team members are trained to handle dangerous situations.

In some areas, the safety center can connect users to the local emergency services of the area where the room is located, a feature that can be useful for travelers to foreign countries.

Airbnb pledged to document all rooms and properties for rent on the platform after 5 people were killed in a shooting incident in a building rented through Airbnb on Halloween 2019. Pictures of the property, its address, the accuracy of its details and ensuring its compliance with safety and hygiene standards.

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