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Home to more than 68,000 sea creatures

In Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates, the commissioning of what is by far the largest aquarium in the world is approaching. “SeaWorld” has a floor space of around two million square meters, which is spread over five floors. All aquariums together have a capacity of 25 million liters. This corresponds to the volume of ten Olympic swimming pools. SeaWorld will be home to more than 68,000 sea creatures. A 20 meter high window allows a view of the spectacular living inventory. The operators of the aquarium try to recreate the habitats of the respective animal species. It should be opened next year.

Bild: Seaworld Parks & Entertainment, Miral

Research is also part of it

The Yas Island SeaWorld Research and Rescue Center, the first dedicated marine research, rescue and rehabilitation center in the United Arab Emirates, will be installed next to the park. Here visitors can learn more about the work of the resident scientists and take part in educational programs on animal species that are at home in the oceans.

District cooling ensures pleasant temperatures

In order to achieve the right water and air temperatures for the respective species, the huge system is connected to a district cooling network operated by the National Central Cooling Company in the country. For this purpose, a system for cooling water is being built near the aquarium, but it is operated with mains electricity. Abu Dhabi is one of the regions with the world’s highest per capita emissions of carbon dioxide. However, the Emirates are investing 163 billion dollars by 2050 to increase the share of renewable energies in the electricity mix to 50 percent. The world’s largest solar power plant, Noor Abu Dhabi, is already there. It has a peak output of 2,000 megawatts, which is more than the largest nuclear power plant in the world that France built in China.

Little help for the environment

District cooling, although generated largely with fossil electricity, is nonetheless kind to the environment. The efficiency is much higher than with systems that air-condition individual apartments or even rooms.


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