CTV is advancing rapidly in Germany

For the study “2021 – CTV is there for everyone” Magnite commissioned the market research company Statista to carry out an online study with 5,000 participants in Great Britain, France, Germany, Spain and Italy aged 16 and over. 1,000 test persons were interviewed in Germany. The study was carried out between June and July.

The results show that 78 percent of European consumers use CTV today and that 30 percent more households are using such an Internet-enabled television set compared to 2020. In the countries surveyed, four out of five households can now be reached via CTV.

“European audiences alternate and seamlessly use CTV and traditional linear television. Given the change in audience composition and viewing habits, this is a very exciting time for brands to gain a deep understanding of how these audiences use content and how it can be addressed, ”commented Edward Wale, MD CTV for EMEA at Magnite Study results.

The results of the study suggest that in Germany people of all ages watch CTV. While people aged 55 and over tend to prefer traditional TV, the 35 to 54 year olds use CTV on the same level as traditional TV. At the same time, traditional television has lost a lot of its popularity among the younger age groups. These age groups mainly rely on CTV. These results coincide with those of other studies.

“Traditional television remains strong in Germany, but the increasing trend towards combined use confirms that Germans are open to streaming platforms – especially since the global pandemic,” said Johannes Paysen, Managing Director Central Europe at Magnite.

“German CTV viewers are the most receptive to advertising compared to the audiences in the other EU markets examined. This opens up unique opportunities for brands that want to reach active consumers of all age groups, ”Paysen continued.

According to the study, CTV delivers even better results than social media or traditional TV in terms of engagement. More than half (51 percent) of German viewers pay much more attention to a CTV advertising space than to the same ad on social media.

This results in great potential for advertisers, because advertising-financed streaming services are on the rise. According to the study, 44 percent of German households use at least one free advertising-financed streaming service. Studies by Criteo and Roku also impressively show that advertising-financed services are becoming more and more popular and the acceptance of advertising in this environment is increasing significantly.

This coincides almost seamlessly with results from Xandr from the study “State of Convergence and Advanced TV”. In an online survey, the company asked agencies and marketers about CTV. It shows that among the 35 responsible persons surveyed in Germany, 49 percent plan an increase in advertising expenditure for CTV and only 24 percent for linear television. So the spendings for video tend to go to CTV.

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