You will never miss a call with this feature.. WhatsApp group calling service gets a new update

WhatsApp group voice and video calls over the Internet have made it possible for people to have a unique new service during the global pandemic, without worrying about any international call charges.

While it is possible to add up to 256 people to a single WhatsApp group chat, the maximum video call size is up to 8 people.

Messenger rooms were integrated into WhatsApp during the first few months of the pandemic, when millions of people were living under lockdown restrictions to stem the spread of the airborne virus.

Messenger rooms can accommodate up to 50 people in one video call, which is a good option for those who have a very large number of friends or family members for the feature included in WhatsApp.

But if you’re satisfied with the integrated video calling feature, you’ll be glad to know that WhatsApp has added a new button to its chat app to make it easier to join calls. More specifically, the button is designed to make it easier to join calls that have already started.

And yet, anyone who missed an incoming video call alert for whatever reason—whether they were stuck in traffic, had Internet problems at home, or had to end another call—could not rejoin the missed call; This causes great frustration for most of the users.

It also means that WhatsApp groups often have to coordinate the exact day and time of the video call, rather than being automatic. But with the latest update, all of that has changed.

If you miss the initial incoming call, you can access it via the new “Join” button located at the top of the chat window in any group chats currently shared in an audio or video call, and clicking the button will immediately enter you into the call.

And the technology that supports this new feature was first introduced to WhatsApp users around the world last July. However, the app has chosen to include functionality only in the Call tab and not group chats.

And with the arrival of the new “Join” button in group chats, the feature is sure to be even more useful.

With the addition of the new button, WhatsApp has also introduced a new group call ringtone, which is designed to make calls from within the application that the phone can immediately recognize between the application “FaceTime Audio” or “Google Duo”. Or traditional phone calls.

And if you want to test the new feature yourself, download now the latest version of WhatsApp from Google Play or Apple Store.

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