Saturday, November 27

3 requests for Xavi before his first match with Barcelona

The new Barcelona coach put 3 demands before the team management even before the official announcement of his contract, and insisted on fulfilling his desires to ensure a perfect start with the team.

The newspaper “Sport” reportedSport) Close to the Catalan club that Xavi insisted on restructuring the team’s medical apparatus, in light of the frequent injuries and the loss of many players’ services due to their long periods away from the stadiums.

Xavi also stipulated that he use the auxiliary apparatus he worked with in the Qatari dam, and the newspaper pointed out that the apparatus includes 7 members, including an assistant coach, a physical trainer, a physiotherapist, and match analysts.

Xavi’s third request is related to the upcoming transfer market, as he insists on contracting a striker wing to replace Frenchman Osman Dembele, and the newspaper pointed out that Manchester City striker Raheem Sterling is the most prominent candidate to support the team in the winter transfer market.

Xavi’s contract with Barcelona is expected to extend until 2024, and he will take advantage of the upcoming international break to prepare well for his first match with the team when it hosts Espanyol on November 20.

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