CBD oil significantly alleviates burnout symptoms

Dennis L.

The evaluation of a current Brazilian study, which was carried out among health care workers, clearly shows that appropriately dosed CBD oil can significantly alleviate the symptoms of burnout.

(Brazil). In the past, various studies have already shown that CBD products can have a positive effect on the human body and its health. Brazilian scientists have now investigated to what extent high quality CBD oil works against the symptoms of extreme overwork in combination with high stress. For this purpose, the scientists selected a total of 120 test subjects from the healthcare sector who suffered from severe burnout symptoms at the start of the study due to the enormous number of Covid-19 cases in Brazil.

The study by Jose Crippa and his co-authors appeared in JAMA Network Open, the publication of the American medical community. “Healthcare workers who work directly in the patient care of those affected by Covid-19 show an increased rate of burnout symptoms. Cannabidiol has an anxiety-reducing and antidepressant effect and could be able to reduce emotional exhaustion and burnout, ”the scientists write in their recently published study.

A total of 120 subjects from the healthcare sector took part in the CBD study. All subjects received medical or psychological care because of burnout symptoms. Half of the test subjects received 300 milligrams of CBD oil (two times 150 milligrams) for four weeks in addition to standard therapy. The control group did not get this. The subjects were on average 34 years old and otherwise in good physical condition. Finally, the scientists were able to evaluate the data from 118 test persons. Two subjects discontinued the study.

Significant improvement after just a few weeks in the CBD group

A direct comparison of the two groups showed that the CBD oil as a support to the standard therapy had a consistently positive effect on the health of the test subjects. Independent experts have confirmed this in a binding form. In the end, the psychological state of the patients treated with CBD oil improved by more than four points on the so-called after two, three and four weeks compared to the control group Maslach-Burnout-Scale.

The Maslach burnout classification is the most commonly used test to determine susceptibility to mental exhaustion. The basis of the test is a questionnaire with a total of 22 topics, consisting of emotional exhaustion (nine points), depersonalization (five points) and reduced personal performance (eight points). Ten or more points are classified as being at risk of burnout.

CBD therapy significantly improved the value on the Maslach burnout scale

The final evaluation of all the data collected shows that the combination therapy with high-purity CBD oil results in a significant improvement in burnout symptoms. Compared to the control group, the CBD group improved on average by a further four points on the Maslach burnout scale.

A total of five test subjects had milder side effects. In addition to elevated liver values, one study participant also showed a skin reaction. The values ​​improved after the therapy was discontinued.

Those: JAMA Network open; doi: 10.1001 / jamanetworkopen.2021.20603

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