For pet owners of small apartments.. Home decorating tips

Interior designer Doaa Al-Husseini says that when thinking about making a decor that suits the animal that shares the space of the house with the residents, it is necessary to take into account the aspects of health and beauty.

Beirut – Many people want to own pets, and try to coordinate their homes with modern (modern) or classic interior décor. Therefore, we offer many ideas that harmonize with the presence of pets in the house, in addition to defining a dedicated corner for this animal without harming the interior decoration of the place.

Many find in pets an aesthetic and sociable appearance at home, such as ornamental fish, as decorators – on request – design a special place for ornamental fish tanks in the form of partitions inside the house or within the composition of walls or furniture. The same applies to ornamental birds, as small-sized birds with distinctive colors – which are acquired for the beauty of their sounds or colors – have become the most common.

Small birds are acquired for the beauty of their sounds or colors (Shutterstock)

Every pet has its own place

When thinking about making a decor that suits the animal that shares the space of the house with the residents, the health and beauty aspects must be taken into account, according to the decorator, Doaa Al-Husseini, who assures Al Jazeera Net that every pet has a suitable place in the house, so it is advisable to choose accessories for pets in general, in a way Harmonize with the “style” (style) of the house.

The decorator showed that the presence of colorful animal accessories is suitable for a room with a modern décor, unlike the classic ones that accommodate accessories of neutral colors. And if the house overlooks the garden, it is preferable to allocate this place to the cat, for example, or the bird. As for the fish tanks, they can be placed in the dining room or sitting rooms, taking into account that they are far from TV rays.

And be aware that you can choose a table for the living room that is made in a smart way, so that the pet can sit inside it, and at the same time things such as seedlings and accessories can be placed on it. Taking into account that the table design is suitable for the room’s decor.

Doaa Al-Husseini stresses that by introducing an environmental and aesthetic element, life is injected into the corridors of the house by resorting to fish tanks that have become presented in very distinctive ways, or ornamental birds that form a live and audible image in the home decor, brimming with life and giving its owners familiarity with the place.

Coordination between interior decoration and pet ownersAllocate a place for the cat to enjoy good ventilation, while allowing it to play and move (Shutterstock)

The place for the cat

The cat should be given a place that is well ventilated, with room for it to be able to play and move around. Therefore, it is better to keep any other furniture away from her “space”, as the interior designer says.

In addition, the place designated for the cat’s need is removed from the family sitting area, as well as from the bedrooms, with the need to dispose of the litter first.

The floor – where the cat plays – is covered with vinyl (linoleum) or ceramics and parquet, in order to facilitate cleaning of the mentioned surfaces, while keeping away from the “moquette” as much as possible because it retains the lint.

And in order for the floor mats to be more practical, it is better to dispense with expensive carpets, as it is likely that it will be exposed to sharp claws and physiological needs in the early days, or at least during the adaptation of this cat, according to the advice of the Husseini interior designer.

Coordination between interior decoration and pet ownersDog lovers of small apartment owners consider that they give psychological comfort (Shutterstock)

Buying pet dogs

Ornamental dogs are often small in size, but they differ from one species to another. Ornamental dogs are many types and differ in the degree of communication with humans, especially children. Those who own small apartments are fond of acquiring these dogs and consider that they add aesthetics to the place and psychological comfort as well.

Coordination between interior decoration and pet ownersIt is preferable to use hanging plants in aquariums to fill empty corners (Shutterstock)

The most attractive aquarium fish

According to Al-Husseini, among the most attractive elements in decorating are ornamental fish tanks, which require care and follow instructions so that these fish live in beautifully and safely designed tanks to release oxygen with the necessary aerators.

It is also preferable to have round basins and glassware that can be placed above the table, in addition to the importance of the choice being consistent with the rest of the home’s decor and colors.

It is preferable to use hanging plants next to pots and fish tanks to fill empty corners, with the need to provide good, adequate and continuous ventilation for the dwelling to reduce the humidity inside the house, and to deprive insects of suitable conditions for their reproduction or increase their activity near these living elements, according to Al-Husseini’s advice.

Coordination between interior decoration and pet ownersOrnamental birds add aesthetics to the interior decoration of the house, especially canaries, parrots and love birds (Shutterstock)

Home decor in the presence of birds

Doaa Al-Husseini believes that making the decision to keep the birds is linked to providing them with their own comforts such as decorations and furniture, and among the most important ornamental birds that can add aesthetics to the interior decoration of the house are canaries, parrots, lovebirds and “java”.

It is also recommended to keep it away from the kitchen in order to protect it from respiratory diseases resulting from fumes from food. On the other hand, the health of the place where food is prepared requires keeping birds away from it, in order to avoid the spread of their feathers in the place, in addition to protecting oneself from allergic nose and chest.

They must be kept in open, well-ventilated, moderately hot and humid places, while exposing them to sunlight necessary for the health of their bones and vital processes.

Air conditioning can be used up to 25 degrees Celsius in the rooms it houses, but with care to keep these organisms away from direct exposure to the cold air conditioning, and the sudden change in temperature.

Beware of the types of diseases transmitted from birds to humans, which are mostly concentrated in the respiratory system, the most dangerous of which is bird flu.

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