He pledged to impose sanctions on Ankara .. a US senator introduces two bills targeting Turkey and Azerbaijan

The Chairman of the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Bob Menendez, introduced two additional bills in order to closely monitor the program of the armed Turkish marches, and to repeal the exemption on aid to Azerbaijan.

Democratic Senator Menendez, who is known to be close to the Armenian and Greek lobby, directly targeted Turkey and Azerbaijan through these two bills he proposed additionally to the National Defense Authorization Act on defense expenditures for the 2022 fiscal year.

Under Article 907 of the 1992 National Defense Authorization Act, the United States prohibited all assistance to the Azerbaijani government until demonstrable steps were taken to halt the embargo and all forms of force against Armenia and the Karabakh region, but the State Department annually exempts Azerbaijan from that provision.

The draft law on Turkey’s armed drone program that Menendez submitted requires the State Department and the Department of Defense (Pentagon) to prepare a report on Turkey’s exports of drones since 2018, and whether these drones contain parts or technologies produced by American companies.

“Turkish marches played a decisive role in the war between Armenia and Azerbaijan last year, and since that date only Poland, Morocco and Ukraine have purchased Bayraktar planes, and many countries are showing interest, including Angola, Ethiopia, Niger, Nigeria and Rwanda,” Menendez said in the bill.

Menendez was famous for attacking Turkey on several occasions, the last of which was because of Ankara’s support for Azerbaijan during the battles to liberate the Karabakh region, which was occupied by Armenia for 30 years. He also vowed to work on imposing new sanctions on Turkey if it continued to buy weapons from Russia.

Last September, during his participation in Greece’s celebrations of independence from the Ottoman Empire, Menendez said that “Turkey is not committed to the principles of democracy and the rule of law…I wish to see the last Turkish soldier out of northern Cyprus.”

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