Hollywood revenge art.. 5 films to overcome the pain of separation

Happy endings are not experienced in everyday life, and we may see them only in the cinema, and they may not even happen in films.

If you recently broke up with your partner, who did you think you would be with him forever? Watching a comedy movie may seem like a good option to distract the soul from its pain, but what do you think about watching another type of drama, the heroes of which have gone through before you what you are going through?

Most likely, happy endings do not live in everyday life, and we may see them only in the cinema, and may not even happen in the movies, and most importantly, the realization that every bitterness will pass, especially since we chose today stories whose heroes did not give up or sit idly by, but rather sought to put an end to the story Gone, deciding to avenge their wounded pride – each in his own way – instead of being satisfied with self-pity.

Beautiful women are confident

The beautiful is not stupid, that was one of the most important lessons promoted by “Legally Blonde”, one of the most famous films of the beginning of the millennium, and one of the sweetest romantic revenge dramas.

The story of the film tells about the president of the Blonde Club, who only cares about her appearance and gets engaged to the young man who loves her and whom she loves. Before he was surprised by his separation from her before university studies, accusing her of superficiality, and stressing his inability to marry a woman with that mentality that is not worthy of his political future.

And in the face of her desire to take revenge on him, she also decides to enroll in the same university to re-attract him, and there she finds that she does not look like anyone around her. However, with time, she discovers energies within her that she did not know anything about, so that she is the one who decides to abandon her ex-boyfriend when he returns to her regretting that he does not suit her.

“Legally Blonde” is one of the most famous and sweetest romantic revenge drama films (networking sites)

Goodbye bad memories

Although the idea of ​​the movie “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” is based on science fiction and fantasy, this does not negate its inclusion on this list. The work tells about a young man and a girl who are contradictory in everything, which is what attracts them to each other, then after a while the girl gets bored and discovers that they are not proportionate, and then she leaves and leaves him behind without caring.

And what is worse is that the hero discovers that she underwent an operation to erase all her memories that she collected with him, and since he was in pain for separation and felt deeply humiliated to dispense with him in this humiliating way, he decided to do the same and perform the same operation to erase her from his mind and heart, is he able to stand in the face of his heart?

Harmful, beneficial

A window stab for the heroine of the musical movie “Begin Again” when she discovers the betrayal of her lover, the only man she preferred over herself and supported him in his career, leaving behind her dreams, even though they share the same artistic talent.

Although she intends to return to her homeland with all the misery and misery that her soul bears after this shock, a purely fatal coincidence changes everything. She meets a music producer whose life has recently fallen into disrepair, causing him to search for an extraordinary way back to his career path.

Thus, each of them finds what they want in the other, and the heroine discovers that the best way to avenge herself is to engage in work and run after her ambition, as the best way to respond to those who lost her with a brutal moment, who will continue to regret her and pay the price for her forever.

Love or magic?

Who would believe that a man would betray Penelope Cruz even on screen via a hypothetical story? Apparently someone did that in Woman on Top.

As soon as the heroine discovers her husband’s infidelity, she flees from Brazil to San Francisco, before practicing certain magic rituals in order to move forward and get rid of the impact of that bad experience on her life.

In the new world, she finds her way to fulfill herself through an inspiring job that fascinates everyone, and when her husband tries to get her back, all she can do is take pleasure in his torture and reflect on his pain, even if it is only a matter of time before love finally returns to say its word.

eye for an eye

“Kill Bill” is one of the most famous and important films of director Quentin Tarantino, and although it is basically a crime movie, full of blood and corpses and a lot of violence, this does not negate the fact that its plot is based on revenge, but this time it is bloody revenge.

The story revolves around a bride who is murdered on her wedding night, and despite her pleas to the father of the child in her womb not to kill her even for the safety of his future son, he does not care and shoots anyway. And because fate has its wisdom, the heroine falls into a coma for 4 years, after which she wakes up to take revenge on those who harmed her.

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