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How internet users spend their time on the internet

Dennis L.

According to a recent study, more and more people are spending more and more time on the Internet. Over 70 hours per week are more the rule than the exception. But what do you actually do on the World Wide Web for so long?

The digital age has not only changed the conditions on the labor market significantly, it has also revolutionized the leisure time behavior of many people. Many people now spend their free time mainly in virtual space. Streaming providers, online gaming and social networks have long since conquered modern everyday life. There are always some trends on the Internet that inspire broad masses over a temporary period. You can find out which platforms on the Internet and apps for smartphones are currently popular here.

In the following, we have summarized an overview of the most popular leisure activities in the online area. Learn all about the internet’s most sought-after networks, channels, and entertainment activity. This is how people in Germany spend their time on the World Wide Web!

Online games are no longer just popular with children and young people

The 30+ generation grew up developing video games and has a very special connection to computer games and online games. The entertainment offer for online games is varied and offers both Roulette games for real money in an online casino, multiplayer games on different servers as well as apps for playing on the go and in between.

Nowadays, hardly anyone does not enjoy themselves with a few games in the online area. Virtual gambling houses in particular are currently celebrating a triumphant advance on the Internet and are generating great interest. Playing for real money at live tables for poker, blackjack or roulette can be a very exciting pastime. If you don’t go too doggedly into the action here, with a bit of luck you can win the really big jackpot. Because the profit distribution in licensed and state-regulated online casinos is carried out under the strict supervision of various gambling commissions. Nowadays, online gamblers can be sure that things are going well in an online casino. It is not so rare that you win a bigger jackpot. With payout percentages of more than 80 percent, online casinos are significantly more lucrative compared to stationary gambling halls. The better chances of winning in the online sector are mainly explained by the savings in operating costs for online operators. Because online casinos only have to pay the costs for servers and service personnel, while stationary casinos often have operating costs that are twice as high.

Gambling on the internet is more than a trend and it is evolving from year to year. The portfolio of games for the smartphone is impressive and shows how the modern game world has changed. It can be assumed that the games industry on the Internet will conjure up a few new entertainment activities out of its hat in the next few years, so that the demand in online gaming will not diminish.

Streaming providers have replaced the normal TV program

the Number of subscribers to streaming providers such as Netflix, Amazon Prime or Maxdome are increasing every year. Around 70 percent of all households in Germany have at least one membership with a streaming provider. The gigantic media libraries offer significantly more selection of films, series and documentaries than the usual free TV program. Another advantage of the streaming portals, which can now be used on any modern TV set via an app, is the option of being able to watch a film or series without advertising. The costs of around ten euros per month are manageable, and the subscriptions can be canceled on a monthly basis so that there are no additional costs if the offer is not convincing or simply not used.

Social networks are especially popular among teenagers and young adults

Social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok or Snapchat are the platforms of the younger generation these days. The social networks are used by almost all adolescents and young adults and serve as a platform to exchange ideas with friends or to come into contact with new people. So nowadays, many friendships are made through social networks. In addition, influencers and celebrities use their reach for promotions and advertisements. Every post on social networks can meanwhile be worth cash, so that quite a few young people are striving for a career in the online area. Online reviews influence the purchasing behavior of many consumers in this country. Advertising content on the Internet in particular is a very effective means of drawing customers’ attention to a brand or product.

Posting pictures, videos and statements is considered the voice of youth. So the social networks have taken on a very special place. Children and young people spend an average of 70 hours a week on the World Wide Web. The majority of the online time is spent using social networks. This enormous amount of time spent online is faced with a great deal of responsibility. Because social networks in particular are considered to be the origin of bullying and agitation, so that children and young people can only deal with content from the Internet correctly with a certain degree of self-discipline.

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