Sunday, November 28

ID5 bundles ID solutions in Identitycloud

According to its own statement, the cross-device ID graph is the only one in Europe that is GDPR-compliant after its competitor Tapad left the market. 900 million device IDs should be brought together on the graph, which covers the areas of desktop, mobile and CTV (at household level). The Amobee adtech platform is the first to use it; others are in the test phase.

It was only in March that ID5 secured a Series A financing round of US $ 6 million, above all expanding the team, which has now grown to 30 people. The British ID solutions can be found on the adtech platforms Pubmatic and Adform, among others. German publishers such as Gutefrage use the services to improve the addressability and measurement of digital advertising.

According to Mathieu Roche, co-founder and CEO of ID5, the launch of Identitycloud marks an important step in the company’s growth. The stated goal is to combat the identity crisis in digital advertising, with three pillars forming the foundation: “First, we believe that identity should be a common good for the industry and not a competitive advantage for a few dominant players. Second, we want to support the entire ecosystem and all identity-based use cases by building an infrastructure that enables optimization and measurement as well as profiling and targeting. After all, we are convinced that data protection compliance is non-negotiable and that the identity infrastructure of the future will be based on user consent, ”said Roche.

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