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Maybe it just got too colorful for the management of Gorillas in Berlin. There has been stress with employees and bad press for months. Yesterday it became known that the express delivery service had applied for a relocation of its registered office to Amsterdam. This should bring clear advantages for gorillas in terms of both tax and employee participation rights. Operations were also outsourced to a new company. Gorillas speaks of a more efficient holding structure that will have no impact on the employees at the Berlin headquarters.

Bidding competition for Zooplus ended
Shortly before the gates closed, the financial investors Hellman & Friedman and EQT secured a majority in the animal specialist Zooplus for 3.4 billion euros on the night of November 3rd. Wirtschaftswoche takes the deal as an opportunity to question the boom in financial investors. The industry is pumped up with loans and can hardly keep its promises with growing risks, it says in one comment.

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Deutsche Post expects record results in 2021
It wasn’t long ago that the future did not look bright for Deutsche Post, but now mail-order business is booming due to the Corona crisis and the company is raising its business forecast for the fourth time in a row. At the end of this year, earnings before taxes and interest are expected to climb to 7.7 billion euros, ten percent more than previously expected. A whopping 30,000 people were newly hired. Currently the number of employees worldwide is 580 thousand.

Zalando announces fourth logistics center in Germany
In the Hessian town of Giessen, construction work on Zalando’s fourth logistics center will probably start this year. Manual operation with around 1,700 employees is planned there as early as 2023. Parts of the so-called pick-tower for the storage of the articles will first be built in order to ensure a quick start-up, it says in the Press release. In the future, customers in Germany and in neighboring countries in Central and Western Europe will be supplied from Giessen.

Shitstorm overtakes Otto on Twitter
The mail order company Otto started gendering back in 2019. Not all customers seem to like this. This week Otto even got a shit storm on Twitter because the company had told a user on request that they were gendered and that the user did not have to order from Otto. He then terminated his customer account and triggered a wave of indignation. The Hamburg shipping giant wants to work on its endeavors for one fair languagethat reflects the diversity of society.


TRADE INTERNATIONALFreight ship giant Maersk wants to compete with Amazon-FBA
The Danish cargo ship giant Maersk, which handles almost a fifth of the world’s ocean freight traffic, recently bought the logistics company Visible. This operates nine e-commerce fulfillment centers in the USA, where orders for retailers are stored and packaged. With the acquisition, Maersk claims it will be able to fulfill orders and get them to the doorstep of 95 percent of all US households within two days. The company’s strategy: It uses its fleet of 700 container ships, to build a supply chainthat offers a port to port service. Maersk is targeting customers who sell through their own platforms and need help with order fulfillment. So the Danes will fish diligently in Amazon’s FBA tank in the future.

Alibaba makes it possible to share shopping carts via social media
New ones serve as information and inspiration Functions, which Alibaba will unlock for customers in China shortly before 11/11: they can now share their purchases and shopping carts with other users and thus inspire each other and inform each other about good offers. Also new is the “New Discovery” function, with which Tmall Global enables international brands to present short video content.

Wolford AG develops Omni-Channel strategy
Anyone who visits the new Wolford AG website these days will see a huge offer, but will be frustrated when ordering: “Coming soon – notify me” is written for almost all sizes. Strategy until July 2022. “Traditional tactile, physical experience and ultra-modern IT solutions are combined to offer a seamless experience with the advantages of both worlds,” it says Wolford. Hopefully the order will be activated before July.


Why visions of feelings are so important in online trading
So-called personas have established themselves in marketing as a tool for socio-demographic customer approach. But they rarely touch the level that is most important when making a purchase: the emotions. Etailment expert Stefan Luther explains why customer centricity is more than demographics and touchpoints, and explains how sensory impressions can be transmitted digitally.

Shopify wants to help you start up
How can you motivate people to become entrepreneurs? The shop software provider Shopify has the Video campaign “gründen4happiness” started and the Happiness-Index determined. Conclusion: independence leads to greater satisfaction in professional life. 77 percent of the self-employed would immediately become self-employed again. They love creative work (73 percent), flexible time management (85 percent) and individually selectable work locations (46 percent). The Shopify Happiness Study 2021 was carried out in collaboration with the market research institute Kantar on the basis of an online survey.

Commerce Report Switzerland 2021 shows: Networked offerings are replacing stationary ones
The authors of the Commerce Report Switzerland 2021, which has just been published, speak of a change of epoch: the networked world of offers is now determining for the shopping opportunities of the citizens and enables them an unprecedented variety of achievements. In the course of this, more and more brands are relying on direct sales, so that dealers and brands would have to re-explore their cooperation. More than 40 percent of those surveyed also see social media channels as important places to order in the future.


Berlin community and their “The Fair Cottage” platform
A couple of people in Berlin started a community blog in 2016 that focused on sustainable surfing, outdoor sports, equipment, and lifestyle. You name him “The Fair Cottage” and make it the marketplace for sustainable sportswear in 2019. For many products, the range is still rather thin, the number more environmentally friendly and transparent Brands with 50 clearly. Platform founder Eloy Padilla sees not only retailers but also consumers as having a duty on the way to a more sustainable world. being transparent marketplace should help them to bring decisions in line with their personal values, according to a press release.

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