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Rich people primarily responsible for climate change

High per capita emissions

Robert Klatt

The affluent part of the world population causes disproportionately high per capita emissions. The richest ten percent, including almost all Germans, will exceed the limit necessary to achieve the 1.5 degree target by nine times according to a forecast for 2030.

New York (U.S.A.). A study by the aid organization Oxfam based on data from the Stockholm Environmental Institute (SEI) and the Institute for European Environmental Policy (IEEP) shows that the lifestyle of many rich people causes significantly higher climate-damaging emissions than the rest of the population. In contrast, the per capita emissions of the poorer half of the world’s population will still be well below the limit in 2030 that must not be exceeded in order to meet the 1.5 degree target for global warming.

According to the forecast, the richest ten percent of the world’s population will exceed this figure by nine times in 2030. The richest percent will even exceed the limit by 30 times, causing 16 percent of total global emissions. “A small elite are treating themselves to a free ticket for the destruction of our climate,” said Oxfam climate expert Nafkote Dabi, commenting on the situation.

Criticism of the super-rich

“A billionaire creates more emissions on a single flight into space than someone in the poorest billion can put together in a lifetime. A small elite treat themselves to a free ticket for the destruction of our climate. This has catastrophic consequences for millions of people who are already facing deadly storms, hunger and hardship, ”explains Dabi.

According to study authors Tim Gore from IEEP, climate protection measures should therefore focus primarily on the rich. “The climate and inequality crises should be tackled together. This includes measures to limit CO2 consumption for luxury goods such as mega yachts, private jets and private space travel, as well as to limit climate-intensive investments such as shareholdings in the fossil fuel industry, ”explains the scientist.

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