A mysterious disease affects American diplomats .. Blinken pledges to reveal the circumstances of the mystery of the “Havana model”

Yesterday, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken pledged to reveal the circumstances of “Havana Syndrome”, a mysterious disease that affects US diplomats around the world, which sources say is caused by “sound attacks” that some attribute to Russia.

Blinken called on every diplomat involved to reveal his situation without fear of “criticism” or “negative repercussions,” and said, “All of us in the United States government – especially in the State Department – are determined to reveal the causes and perpetrators of these incidents, take care of those affected and protect our colleagues.”

Blinken announced the appointment of two veteran diplomats, Jonathan Moore, charged with coordinating the State Department’s response, and Margaret O’Hara, who will ensure that anyone showing symptoms receives appropriate medical care.

These “abnormal health incidents”, as they call them in administrative terms, first appeared in Cuba in 2016, after US diplomats heard very sharp voices and began to suffer from severe headaches, dizziness or nausea.

Cases and examinations

Since then, cases of this type have been recorded in China, Germany, Australia, Russia, Austria and even in Washington.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs refuses to give any estimates of the number of people affected. “The number of 200 confirmed or suspected cases is mentioned,” a source close to the file said recently. Some had publicly complained in the past, but their statements were not taken seriously.

According to Blinken, his ministry relies on all the capabilities of its intelligence services. It employs the best scientific minds within the administration as well as outside it. He added that the presumed victims have been cared for since last month at Johns Hopkins University Hospital, a well-known facility in Baltimore, near Washington.

He explained that some diplomats are now undergoing in-depth neurological, auditory and visual examinations before leaving to work abroad “in order to obtain a basis for comparison if they later report an abnormal health incident.”

American officials seemed hesitant at first; Some downplayed the severity of symptoms sometimes attributed to stress, others pointed to possible radio wave attacks, and suspected countries like Russia.

But this hypothesis raises the question of some scientists also, who believe that the existence of a common cause for all the cases recorded is unlikely.

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