A source from the coordination framework of Al Jazeera Net: Either a total recount of the Iraqi elections or go to armed clash

Baghdad – A source from within the coordinating framework of the forces rejecting the results of the recent legislative elections warned that the country would be dragged into an armed clash, in the event of insisting on refusing to manually recount all stations and electoral centers in Iraq.

The source – who refused to reveal his identity due to the sensitivity of the situation – told Al Jazeera Net that a meeting of the three presidencies with the various political forces – to be held soon – will discuss the issue of re-counting and manual sorting of all stations.

The source adds that the current situation in Baghdad is calm and tinged with caution, adding that the confrontation may return at any moment, and may include an exchange of fire, “and perhaps some factions may resort to bombing the Green Zone.”

Fadlallah considered that the government wants to incite internal and external public opinion against the protesters (Al-Jazeera Net)

confrontation option

For his part, Ali Fadlallah – a spokesman for the Rights Movement close to the Iraqi Hezbollah and affiliated with the coordination framework – considered that the next step is armed confrontation, explaining that “the government wants to incite internal and external public opinion against the protesters,” trying to provoke them to take actions that push the security forces. to repel them and possibly a military confrontation.

He points out that the clashes that occurred yesterday, Friday, came as a result of the government’s and the Electoral Commission’s lack of respect for the will of peaceful demonstrators who want to manually count and sort all stations, which prompted them to escalate and move their protests to different areas in Baghdad.

As a result of yesterday’s clashes; The Iraqi Ministry of Health recorded that its hospitals received 125 wounded, 27 of whom were civilians and the rest were from the security forces, and most of the injuries were mild to moderate, and no gunshot wounds were recorded, and no deaths were recorded.

Fadlallah stresses that the special force tasked with protecting the Green Zone and linked to the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces was the one who fired at the protesters.

He also held the leader of the Asa’ib Ahl al-Haq movement – one of the opposition forces – Al-Kazemi responsible for what the Baghdad demonstrations witnessed yesterday. He accused the security forces of using live bullets.

at the judicial level; The head of the Supreme Judicial Council in Iraq, Faiq Zaidan, discussed yesterday’s events with Khazali, stressing in a statement that the right to peaceful demonstration and expression of opinion is constitutionally guaranteed in Iraq.

Al-Ziyadi saw that there are wise and wise people who intervened to calm the situation through dialogue (communication sites)

calm back

Badr Al-Ziyadi – the former deputy of the Sadrist bloc – says to Al-Jazeera Net that the Iraqi constitution guarantees the right to peaceful demonstration, and therefore what happened last night included errors that will be diagnosed by the government committee that was formed to find out the circumstances of these abuses.

To calm the situation following what happened yesterday; Al-Kazemi ordered the formation of an investigative committee to find out the circumstances of the events, and to present the results as soon as possible.

Commenting on resolving and overcoming this crisis, Al-Zayadi shows that there are wise and wise people who intervened to calm the situation through dialogues and mutual visits of political leaders, noting that after responding to the losers’ appeals, it became possible to go to the Federal Court to challenge the election results.

Dr..  Issam El-FailyAl-Faili considered that the escalation wanted him to achieve undeclared demands (Al-Jazeera Net)

bargaining for positions

For his part, Dr. Essam Al-Faili – researcher and academic – told Al Jazeera Net that the forces objecting to the election results decided to have a second page in the field of boycotting the elections; So it moved its protests to more than one region, and this in itself gives the impression that these parties that pushed towards escalation have several pages.

He adds that this escalation wanted him to convey a message to the winning forces in the elections; That they are able to strain the situation with the aim of achieving “hidden demands” to participate in the next government, after refusing to form a majority government.

These events coincide with the fact that the leader of the Sadrist movement, Muqtada al-Sadr (who has the most votes in the preliminary results of the elections, 73 seats) conducted his first round of negotiations with the political blocs in the elections to form a government of the political majority. With the head of the Wisdom Movement, Ammar al-Hakim, and then by former Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi.

Ehsan Al-ShamryAl-Shammari: What happened on Friday is part of the political pressure exerted by the electoral losing forces (Al-Jazeera Net) (Al-Jazeera)

chest pressure

Ihsan Al-Shammari – head of the Center for Political Thinking – told Al-Jazeera Net that what happened yesterday, Friday, falls within the political pressure exerted by the electoral losing forces, and their attempt to return the Sadrist bloc to the Shiite house again, and prevent it from forming a national coalition government.

He adds that this escalation is linked to another goal, which is the attempt of the losing parties to gain space in the upcoming cabinet formation, in addition to the request to guarantee political immunity from being exposed or harming their weapons.

He believes that “this whole issue is a political maneuver by these parties after realizing that the Electoral Commission refuses to change the poll results, expecting that the demonstrators will go to another path, and what is specifically related to it is the sit-in in front of other doors of the Green Zone, as part of political pressure.”

Al-Shammari rules out that these parties will rush towards security chaos or open confrontation with the military forces.

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