An incomplete victory for Biden.. Congress approves a huge plan to modernize infrastructure and postpones another for social reform

The US Congress finally approved on Friday evening a huge $1.2 trillion investment plan bill put forward by President Joe Biden to modernize the country’s aging infrastructure, obtaining a much-needed victory to give a strong impetus to his reign.

The bill, which the House passed with a comfortable majority after 10 Republicans joined the Democratic majority in its support, was passed by the Senate in August, meaning that all it needs now is Biden’s signature to take it into effect.

The bill needed 218 votes to pass this massive plan to modernize roads and bridges and develop high-speed Internet, which is considered one of the most ambitious investment plans in modern American history.

In the end, the bill was approved by a majority of 228 deputies to 206, after 10 deputies from the Republican opposition joined the democratic majority.

But this grand victory for Biden, as big as it is, is still lacking because the House of Representatives has not yet passed another huge plan that the president has put forward for social and climate investment.

On Friday morning, Biden appealed to the House of Representatives to approve both plans. “I am asking every member of the House of Representatives to vote yes on these two plans, now,” he said.

But the deputies were satisfied with giving the Democratic president half a victory, as they postponed the vote on his second investment plan, which is larger than the first, amounting to 1.75 trillion dollars, and aimed at reforming the social protection system and combating global warming.

Biden desperately needs to approve both plans to give his term a boost, given his popularity waning and his party’s resounding defeat in this week’s Virginia gubernatorial election.

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