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Be quick in cleaning the house and don’t stress yourself.. Here are the tips of a housekeeping expert

Beirut- Living in a clean and tidy house is a goal that all housewives strive for, and with the multiplicity of purposes and perhaps working and caring for children, it has become more difficult and requires great effort, although in fact it only needs simple and tidy steps that help women complete the house and arrange it in time. Ideal.

As there are many housewives complaining about laziness in performing their homework, Rita Madrani, a housekeeping expert, offers some ways and tips that help the housewife to be active and fast in the housework, and so that she does not stress herself in the way of cleaning or feel frustrated with the accumulated work .

Housekeeping expert Rita Madrani gives importance to change and renewal in everything related to the house, including cleaning, decorations, and others (Al-Jazeera)

Faster time and less effort

Housekeeping expert Rita Maadrani believes that every housewife wishes to make every room in her house a beautiful painting, and she is able to do so, when she improves the organization of her work. Complete in just a week.

And you can return the ball after a month, from the last arrangement you make, and the point here is the arrangement and integrated cleaning of the room with all its corners and details, and the daily arrangement of the rooms so that they are good-looking, this is a daily and not tiring work if the radical arrangement of the room is taken care of once a month. Madrani focuses on the following steps for all housewives who face a great challenge in arranging and cleaning the house:

waking up early

A person who is able to wake up early to accomplish his tasks, can achieve the greatest achievements in his day and make better use of the day. Morning time is the time when a person has the most energy to clean but nevertheless can find a special time to be more active and restful.

Quick tips for cleaning the house with less effortGetting up early to get things done makes you make better use of the day (Getty Images)

Make a plan to arrange

Planning in arranging the home must be an essential part to avoid feeling stressed. The schedule keeps every woman motivated to do the task with order.

It is also the time when the housewife can complete the tasks at the time of the children’s sleep, which adds to her a kind of psychological calm and reassurance.

tasks dividing

All tasks should be divided into daily tasks, weekly tasks, monthly tasks and seasonal tasks. For example, daily tasks include airing the house, arranging the beds, sweeping the floors with a broom, and polishing the surfaces.

And weekly tasks, for example, cleaning the balcony, wooden doors and mirrors. Among the monthly tasks are cleaning the refrigerator, cupboard, and so on.

Cleaning is a family responsibility and your husband can help with it (Getty Images)

Make cleaning a family activity

Cleaning is a family responsibility, the children also have to learn to take care of their environment, and your husband can help too. The more participants, the faster the task, and the less time it finished. It is actually a fun process.

Also, getting used to the immediate arrangement is a very small step in performance, but it represents a great achievement in arranging the house, where it is preferable to arrange the bed after waking up, and all family members can contribute to this, as well as washing the dishes immediately after eating.

It is also recommended to place the items that are used daily in each room in easily accessible storage places, and put the items that are used at intervals in the deep storage places.

The entryway is one of the messiest places in the house, so housekeeping expert Maadrani suggests using shoe cabinets, coat hangers, and neatly stowed keys, as it is the first place that guests and people see and walk through when entering the house.

How can you convince your children to do household chores?Children also have to learn to take care of their environment and their home (Getty Images)

important priorities

Care must be taken to clean the salon or sitting room at the beginning, because it is the place where guests are received.

And try to reduce the clutter in the house as much as possible, and get rid of the clumps as much as possible and the things that are not needed.

Dust cleaning

When cleaning dust, it must be cleaned from the upper shelves on the left to the floor on the right. In this way, you ensure that dust does not move from the upper areas to the lower areas.

It is also preferable not to use the spaces in the kitchen and bathroom, at least at the corners. Rather, it is preferable to use small brushes and go down on the knee and hands to reach more efficiently to narrow and inconspicuous areas.

And you can use a vacuum cleaner to pick up all the remaining dust in the entire house from all the floors.

Quick tips for cleaning the house with less effortCleaning every piece of the house – from the kitchen to the bathroom to deep cleaning curtains, carpets and sofas – daily is a fantasy (Getty Images)

focus on work

Not to be distracted while working in cleaning the house, such as watching the Internet or television, so that the method of cleaning the house is expedited without fatigue and as soon as possible.

Don’t ask for perfection

Some housewives want every day to clean the house with every piece of it, from the kitchen to the bathroom for deep cleaning of curtains, carpets and sofas.

This is considered a fantasy, because continuing in this way will only increase your fatigue and hardship, and the time will come when you get tired of work and leave the cleaning completely; So do not burden yourself with tasks.

A touch of renovation in home décor

Change and renewal in everything related to the house, from cleaning, decorations, etc., is a great incentive that increases activity and breaks the routine in cleaning.

The appearance of the room must be changed a little before starting to clean it, because changing its shape and rearranging it gives the person a feeling of renewal, and an incentive to maintain the new beautiful appearance.

In the same way, you can rearrange the furniture, paintings and decorations. Seeing great results often sees cleanliness and tidy seeping through to the rest of the house.

Reward yourself with a rest

Give your body its right to rest so that you can continue with your work, including rejuvenation, and reward yourself with something simple, says housekeeping expert Maadrani.

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