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Farmer dumps vegetables on the field – free access!

Vegetables don’t just have to be tasty and rich in vitamins to get on the market. No, it also has to meet a certain standard of beauty! The assumption is that nobody wants crooked fruits, possibly with ugly pimples. Farmer Christian Fuchs has proven the opposite with his action, people literally tear the sorted out delicacies from his hand – or rather from the field.

Even crooked fruits taste delicious

The pictures of the »thrown away vegetables« ended up on the net

This harvest consists mainly of pumpkins and sweet potatoes, which were not “beautiful enough” for the trade. Christian Fuchs has long been used to this selection procedure, he has been dumping the supposedly ugly vegetables back onto his field near Cologne for 15 years. There it is usually used as fertilizer for the next year, but everything will be different in 2021. He posted the pictures for it on social media and offered users to get the vegetables for free. The response surprised him: Although the crops were anything but flawless, new people kept arriving for days, with large bags and sometimes with trailers to stock up on plenty.

“Crooked” vegetables definitely have a chance on the market

Vegetable lovers don’t seem to find this previously avoided part of the harvest so ugly, but rather attractive – at least as a free offer: What if they had to pay for it? Experience shows that rejected “crooked” fruits find their buyers elsewhere, even for money. So it doesn’t really make sense to treat the valuable goods like waste.

Food waste is currently the focus of politics and the media. Many people are beginning to rethink and pay more attention to their food consumption and the “waste” that comes with it. The EU is currently considering abolishing the best-before date because this packaging label is all too often misunderstood. We should all relearn what is really garbage – and what is not. And throw some false ideal of beauty overboard.


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