From the return of schools to fantasy trips .. Watch the most beautiful autumn films

There is something innately autumnal about back to school, romance and relaxation

Despite all the changes that have occurred in the world, which have greatly affected the mood and desires of human beings, and the rapid pace of life that has enveloped the entire planet, the autumn days remain among the most delicate days, with their pleasant breezes and an atmosphere that does not bear the stifling heat of summer, nor the cold of winter. severe.

Autumn is associated in our minds with warm drinks and watching movies on the couches.

If you’re a fall fanatic, here are some movies that fit the cool autumn mood, whether you’re looking for love, laughter, or something for the whole family.

dead poets community

There is something innately autumnal about going back to school. The Dead Poets society takes place entirely inside the school and the classroom in the back-to-school season, the start of the school year for a group of students at an all-boys boarding school in the 1950s in Vermont, a time that takes us back to childhood. New notebooks, crayons, and the dread that never goes away at the start of each year.

It’s not just the beginning of school that makes the movie fall-appropriate, but English teacher “Mr. Keating” played by actor Robin Williams, who encourages the boys to study poetry, which is rarely a popular subject among students. The teacher pushes the boys to think about the value of life and to search for meaning in living. Those thoughts that often raid us on quiet autumn nights.

Dead Poets Society (social networking sites)

Wonderful Mr. Fox

Fantastic Mr. Fox is about Mr. Fox, an intelligent fox who lives with his wife and four young foxes on a farm. He steals food from the farm owners every night to feed his children.

The farmers are trying to catch Mr. Fox after they are tired of being deceived. The fox and his family escape into a deep hole, and at the same time the owners of the farm surround the hole, leaving the fox family without food. Mr. Fox is considering digging an underground tunnel to get to the food inside the farmers’ homes.

What makes the film perfect for autumn is the sweet, lovable story, the gentle atmosphere of a fox house, the care of baby foxes, and parties for animal friends, which fuels the viewer’s desire to immerse himself in this intimate and imaginative atmosphere at the same time.

And not only the story, but the lovely voice of George Clooney and Meryl Streep, in addition to the autumn palette of colors chosen by director Wes Anderson for the film, which makes it a fun choice for the whole family.

Good Will Hunting

(Good will hunting) is the first movie that put Matt Damon and Ben Affleck on their stardom. This autumnal tale revolves around a young Will Hunting played by Matt Damon, who works as a bouncer at MIT but has an exceptional talent for mathematics. Professor Gerald Lambeau “Stellan SkarsgĂ„rd” discovers his talent, and decides to help him identify his true potential, in addition to receiving some psychological treatment to dismantle some of his childhood and adolescence problems.

Hunting switches between several therapists, and does not interact with them, until Professor Lambeau brings him to Dr. Sean Maguire, played by Robin Williams, who converges with the young man at many points, and begins to try to push him to experience real life without fear of failure.

What makes the film suitable for the autumn atmosphere is its emotionally charged story, in addition to the school atmosphere that we used to always remind us of the beginnings of autumn.

Autumn in New York

If you need a few tears, you can check out “Autumn in New York,” set in the fall, starring Richard Gere and Winona Ryder. The film takes on a romantic twist, as it revolves around the love story between “Ken” (Richard Gere), a notorious, polyamorous restaurateur who hates commitment, and Charlotte “Winona Ryder” who is half his age and yearns to experience thrills and love stories.

Kane immerses himself in the tale, anticipating a quick and easy romance that ends quickly, but instead finds himself in a relationship that shatters his preconceptions about women and responsibility, thinking he may have met his true enduring love that could last forever.

Love in all its contradictions, beautiful, devastating, frightening and difficult, is the essence of the tale that continues throughout the fall in New York City, to rediscover the bustling New York City with all its noise, as a city suitable for love and romance.

Take out the knives

In the style of Agatha Christie stories, “Knives out” is about a detective investigating the murder of the head of a large and rich family, after he invited everyone to celebrate his 85th birthday. The police closed the case as a suicide, but someone decided to hire a private investigator to conduct a new investigation.

The thrilling plot pushes the viewer to be part of the family trying to solve the mystery with them, especially if it is the first viewing of the movie.

The exciting atmosphere of the film, in addition to the scenes depicted in the vast old-style mansion full of labyrinths, makes the film suitable for the autumn atmosphere.

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