The first major legislative achievement achieved by… Biden is happy with the approval of an investment plan that he put forward that exceeds a trillion dollars

Congress has finally passed a massive $1.2 trillion investment plan bill put forward by President Joe Biden to modernize the nation’s aging infrastructure.

Today, Saturday, US President Joe Biden welcomed his first major legislative achievement, a day after the approval of his massive investment plan for infrastructure, but he must overcome the divisions of Democrats to pass the social and environmental component of his ambitious reforms.

“I don’t think I’m exaggerating when I say that this is a great progress for our country,” the president said in front of the cameras, with relief evident on his face after months of hard negotiations.

He confirmed that he would “soon” sign the $1.2 trillion law aimed at refurbishing aging roads and bridges in the world’s first economic power and developing high-speed internet.

On Friday, the US Congress finally approved the plan, with a comfortable majority, after 10 Republican lawmakers joined the Democratic majority.

The draft infrastructure investment law was approved by a majority of 228 deputies to 206 (Getty Images)

But this grand victory for Biden, as big as it is, is still lacking because the House of Representatives has not yet passed another huge plan that the president has put forward for social and climate investment.

“To all those who feel left behind in an economy that is changing so quickly: This law is yours,” the Democratic president said, stressing that jobs created “do not require college degrees.”

He pointed out that the tangible effects will begin to appear in practice “within 3 months.”

Biden desperately needed this achievement in light of his popularity waning after his party’s resounding defeat in Virginia’s gubernatorial election this week and a year before the midterm elections in which Democrats may lose a slim parliamentary majority.

second plan

Biden also pledged to get Congress to vote on the social and environmental aspect of his ambitious reform projects, which are still bogged down by divisions within his Democratic camp.

“I’ll be clear: We’ll have the House pass it and the Senate will pass it,” he added, considering that the $1.75 trillion “Build Back Better” bill would be a “historic investment.”

The president expected the House of Representatives to study this plan next week (there starts on November 15), i.e. in the week of his 79th birthday, but he did not specify a date for its final approval.

When asked about the reasons for this confidence that the law will pass, Biden replied with a smile: “I am.”

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