A Saudi appeals court considers rulings against Jordanian and Palestinian detainees

Today, Monday, a Saudi appeals court is considering verdicts against Jordanian and Palestinian detainees, including the representative of the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) in Saudi Arabia, Muhammad al-Khudari.

Head of the Jordanian Detainees Committee in Saudi Arabia, Khader Mashaykh, said that the Riyadh Court of Appeal will begin on Monday to consider the rulings issued by the Criminal Court regarding the Jordanian and Palestinian detainees.

He added that the trial sessions will be spread over 3 weeks to include all the Jordanian and Palestinian detainees, whose number exceeds 60.

The head of the committee called on the Jordanian authorities to make contacts at all levels; To ensure the release of detainees and their return to their families, more than two years after their arrest in Saudi Arabia.

On August 8, the Saudi Criminal Court had sentenced the former representative of Hamas to 15 years in prison, Muhammad al-Khudari; Among the sentences that included 69 Jordanians and Palestinians, the sentences ranged between acquittal and imprisonment for 22 years.

In February 2019, Saudi Arabia arrested more than 60 Jordanians and Palestinians residing in it, including al-Khodari, on charges they deny being true, and that is, “providing financial support to the Palestinian resistance.”

Since the start of talking about the issue of these detainees, Riyadh has not issued any comment on it, and it usually says that the competent courts deal with the detainees it has, and that they “enjoy all their rights guaranteed to them by the system.”

Hamas expressed its rejection of the rulings issued by the Saudi judiciary against the detainees, and made it clear – in a statement at the time – that the sentences were unjustified, considering that those who were issued against them were all they did is to support their cause and their people without offending Riyadh.

Hamas appealed to the Saudi leadership to quickly release the detainees to end their suffering and the suffering of their families, which has been going on for more than two years.

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