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Better regions and stronger societies.. Qatar hosts an international conference on city planning

Doha – Evoking the repercussions of the post-Coronavirus pandemic and issues of climate change, the State of Qatar will host tomorrow, Monday, November 8, the 57th conference of the International Association of City and Region Planners (ISOCARP) under the theme “Open Planning: New Times, Better Places and Stronger Societies”.

The conference – which lasts for 4 days – aims to discuss many planning issues for cities and regions, present global experiences from all continents of the world, review research and technical working papers, as well as study urban centers and their compatibility with sustainable development.

The head of the local organizing committee of the conference, Eng. Mubarak Al-Nuaimi, announced that the current edition of the conference will host a distinguished elite of urbanists, specialists and experts in planning to exchange experiences, present innovative experiences and the extent of the development of various urban approaches.

Al-Nuaimi told Al Jazeera Net that Doha’s hosting of the conference of the International Association of City and Region Planners – one of the most important global events specialized in this field – will reflect positively on the level of planning in the State of Qatar.

The conference will be an important opportunity for representatives of the urban planning sector at the Ministry of Municipality and Environment to benefit from the experiences of the most prominent urbanists and planners in the world, as part of their work to develop Qatar’s plans and Qatar National Vision 2030, according to Al-Naimi.

The conference has the participation of more than 500 individuals, urbanists, planners and experts, who represent major international institutions and organizations, and seek to improve cities and planning practices by creating a global and active network of practitioners through the exchange of experiences, training, education and research, promoting the planning profession, public awareness and understanding of key planning issues. at the global level.

The theme of the conference hosted by Qatar is “Open Planning: New Times, Better Places, Stronger Societies” (Getty Images)

The main theme of the conference was chosen to give more uniqueness to this event and deal with the challenges of post-Coronavirus and climate change issues, so it was decided that the main theme would be “Open Planning: New Times, Better Places, and Stronger Communities.”

In addition, 5 sub-themes were selected to cover all topics relevant to contemporary urban planning such as sustainability, inclusion, empowerment, well-being, healthy and smart cities, development, resilience, resilience, exclusivity and urban connectivity.

Al-Nuaimi explained that the conference will be a professional and scientific forum, where global planning experiences will be exchanged at the highest levels between international, regional and Gulf delegations in the field of planning.

The organizing committee was keen on having a special presence for the Gulf Cooperation Council countries within the conference activities, as an event was devoted to urban planning and the problems and challenges facing the Gulf cities, as well as the exchange of experiences and technical cooperation in this field.

Al-Naimi considered that the conference will constitute an important station to present the level of planning that the State of Qatar has reached, and present it to the most prominent experts in the world, and then promote the Qatari experience in the various events that will be held after that.

He pointed out that among the undeclared goals of the conference is to promote the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, where programs, visits and workshops will be held at the conference in the World Cup stadiums, to see these monuments and confirm Qatar’s readiness for this global event.

The State of Qatar is committed to making all of its cities, especially Doha, a model for contemporary cities that are environmentally friendly and achieve a quality of life for all through sustainable urban planning.

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