Following the decision to suspend her work, the Libyan Foreign Minister absolves herself of statements related to the extradition of one of the wanted persons for the Lockerbie bombing.

The Libyan Presidential Council issued a decision to suspend Al-Manqoush from work in precaution to investigate her for “administrative violations”, as well as prevent her from traveling

Today, Sunday, Libyan Foreign Minister Najla Al-Manqoush denied the veracity of the statements attributed to her regarding her citizen, the wanted suspect in the Lockerbie bombing, Abu Aqila Masoud, imprisoned in Tripoli, after which a decision was issued by the Presidential Council to suspend her from work.

This came in a statement published by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on its Facebook page, a day after the Presidential Council’s decision to suspend Al-Manqoush from work and refer it to investigation for what it considered “administrative violations represented in its isolation in the foreign policy file without coordination with the Council,” a decision rejected by the Libyan government at dawn. Sunday.

According to Libyan media, the decision of the Presidential Council came against the background of the BBC’s transfer of Al-Manqoush as saying that her country could cooperate with Washington to extradite Abu Aqila Muhammad Masoud, which sparked widespread controversy in the country.

Regarding these statements, the Libyan Foreign Ministry said in its statement that the Minister of Foreign Affairs refuted the authenticity of what was attributed to her regarding Abu Aqila Masoud, categorically denying her mention of the aforementioned during her interview with the BBC.

And Massoud is a former Libyan intelligence officer accused in the case of the Lockerbie bombing, which left 270 people dead in 1988, most of them Americans, and Washington is demanding his deportation to American soil in preparation for his trial.

The Libyan government headed by Abdel Hamid Al-Dabaiba rejected the decision of the Presidential Council to stop and investigate Al-Manqoush (Libyan Press)

The Libyan Foreign Ministry statement added that the minister made it clear that she had answered a question related to the Lockerbie victims and the victims of the Manchester Arena bombing that occurred in 2017, and was accused of carrying out by a British citizen of Libyan origin.

The statement indicated that al-Manqush noted that these issues fall under the jurisdiction of the Office of the Public Prosecutor in Libya, which is responsible for addressing them between the judicial institutions of the two countries.

At dawn on Sunday, the Libyan government announced its rejection of the Presidential Council’s decision against Al-Manqoush, and called on the minister to carry out her work.

The government said in a statement that its decision comes “based on the tasks of each of the executive authority represented in the unity government and on the powers of the Presidential Council defined through the outcomes of the political dialogue signed in Geneva, which does not give any legal right to the Council to appoint or cancel the appointment of members of the executive authority or suspend them or interrogate them.”

And according to the presidential decision to suspend the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Saturday, “the Council has formed an investigation committee with the pre-trial detention (Al-Manqush) consisting of 3 people headed by the Vice-President of the Council, Abdullah Al-Lafi, provided that the results of the investigations are presented within 14 days.”

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