Lopes: This is how Zemmour thinks.. an analysis of an ideology deep into the right and hostility to Islam

Zemmour: France corrupts its state in the name of freedom and cultural homogeneity in the name of human rights and the unity of its people in the name of universality.

The theoreticians of the extreme right at the end of the 19th century are the ideal for Eric Zemmour, who seeks – despite the lessons and lessons that history provides – to revive extreme nationalism, xenophobia, anti-Semitism and Islam, and even considers the inferiority of women, and he is the likely candidate for the presidency of France, perhaps in a few days.

This is how the French magazine L’Obs summed it up article Long written by François Renard and Pascal Ricci, in which they tried to analyze the elements of the murderous ideology – as they described it – from which this potential candidate for the presidency of one of the permanent members of the Security Council is based.

The two writers start from Zemmour’s obsession with the national novel, great men and great dates, to the point where rumors spread that he will launch his presidential campaign from the village of the late French President Charles de Gaulle and on the date of his death on the ninth of this November, after his strong launch months ago in a frenzied campaign that eliminated the expected conflict Between French President Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen, the leader of the far-right National Rally, he surpassed him in an unprecedented achievement towards the right.

Investigation into a presidential mania

Now, the authors say, Zemmour is on the right track, with fan meetings buzzing and his latest book, “France Didn’t Say Her Last Word”, is a bestseller, which means he should be taken seriously and go back to the roots of his overt right-wing orthodoxy. To find out what is on his mind, who are his ideological masters and their faith, and what he would do if he came to power.

The two writers believe that Zemmour comes from another planet, somewhere between the planet of television and the galaxy of his unique readings, and therefore his relationship to real life is weak, and he talks about history and says he loves it, but he rarely mentions the name of any historian, and he praises the “national novel”, that The legendary tale of the fictional France built in the 19th century, and he sees this novel as “the reality”, and accuses the political elites of not seeing or seeing this reality and hiding it ideologically or cowardly.

This is the thesis of his last book. He did not investigate cities, villages, semi-urban areas, and provincial towns, but read 19th-century authors, went to the movies, signed books in bookshops, and met in luxurious places powerful people who did not understand anything and agreed with him privately and said the opposite in public, This is the enchanted world of Zemmour, and it rests on two pillars, nostalgia and xenophobia.

Inner enemies

Today, everything is bad – as Zemmour sees – France is in the abyss, “It is no longer an industrial country, it is under the rule of the United States or Germany in the name of Europe. Aggression from within (he calls it the German-Soviet Pact) in this descent into hell.”

On the other hand, there are the immigrants who invaded the country – according to Zemmour – and created “a people within the people”, led by the Conqueror Islam and dreaming of “colonizing the former colonizer”, and alongside them are societal diseases such as feminism and homosexuality that undermine our strength and impose on France values ​​​​”contradicting the values ​​it built on Over the centuries”, it puts the new values ​​of “urban and matriarchal anti-racism” in place of the old “Catholic patriarchy” that ensured power and brought happiness and peace.

This is the thought of the potential candidate – as the authors say – he does not have a word to refer to climate change and the disasters it causes or the ongoing geopolitical turmoil, or the difficulties experienced by the popular classes and the turmoil in our social model, but Zemmour does not invent anything new, he recycles the reactionary models that It has been carried by the radical French Catholic right since the counterrevolution of the 18th and 19th centuries.

Jarrar Noriel, a historian, compares Zemmour to another extremist writer and journalist who provoked trouble in the 19th century, Edouard Dromon, author of “Jewish France” who bears the same obsession with the enemy that serves everything, Jews for Dromone, and Muslims for Zemmour, and adopts the same idea Decadence and the desire to save France “polluted” by modernity, the same personal desire for social vengeance, thus lay the intellectual matrix of the TV star in the nationalist ideology that arose on the far right in the 19th century.

A letter calling for civil war

The nation emerged – during the French Revolution – a comprehensive and liberating idea, but the reactionary right, which dreamed of returning to the old regime, fought this idea, and made the concept of left internationalism a foundation that must be defended against its external enemies such as Germany, and the internal ones such as foreigners and Jews.

Zemmour does not hide his admiration for nationalism, which has become a machine of hatred, a school of thought, and its promoters, and nothing bothers him about what this murderous ideology has brought about. Russia is always present, evil Germany, women and Muslims, and he wrote in his article “French Fate” 2018, that “France corrupts its state in the name of freedom and cultural homogeneity in the name of human rights and the unity of its people in the name of universality.”

As for the main threat to the eternal, white, Catholic France for Zemmour, they are Muslims, in the ancestral battle that the East is waging against the West, a “war of civilizations” that he borrows from the American conservative Samuel Huntington, a war in which Muslims want revenge, and it will indeed turn in France into a “civil war.” ” at least.

for Zemmour; Muslims are the main threat to the eternal white Catholic France in the ancestral battle of the East against the West

It is strange that Zammour – a descendant of a Jewish Berber family of “dhimmis” as he describes it – is familiar with his Algerian roots, but is proud of erasing them, as did the “romantic barbarians”, and he speaks bitterly of his “dark skin”, and tells Tariq Ramadan that they have “the same head.” They are Semitic.

At the top of the political stakes for potential candidate Zemmour comes the “Great Replacement”, a fictional idea put forward by the far-right Renaud Camus, and even Marine Le Pen has resented its adoption, but Zemmour says in his latest book that “The Great Replacement is neither a myth nor a conspiracy, but a relentless process.” This vital question of identity renders all others submissive,” because he believes that Muslims are planning “to join Christian France two thousand years ago to the Islamic nation.”

He advises the immigrant peers and their descendants with only one option, which is to dissolve completely like him and give up their roots, especially since any presence or any sign of Islam in France is unbearable for him, and he sees in it a sign of “religious war”, and anyone who has the slightest connection to Islam Or the Maghreb is an enemy. Football player Zidane, for example, is a “little thug”, insulting actor Omar Sy for his “arrogant opposition to racism”.

When Zemmour is president

The two writers believe that Zemmour longs for the period of the fifties and sixties of the last century, to that blessed time when the woman was far from power and respected her husband, and when the immigrants were single and happy to return to their country, and when the students were standing at the entrance of the teacher and the president was the father of the nation. It is difficult to see how to return to this world through concrete laws and reforms.

Zemmour himself remains ambiguous in everything except the immigration that he will work to stop by ending family reunification, removing the right to citizenship of the one born on the land and rejecting students from Africa, and will encourage raising the birth rate to strengthen the family and “Christian civilization”, as he will expel all illegal immigrants Legal and delinquent foreigners, and withdraws the French citizenship of delinquent bi-nationals, and may require that the first name be French for unborn children.

The authors wondered how to implement such a violent program without setting fire to entire parts of the country with the risk of a civil war that he denounces? Here, too, Zemmour prepares the ground for the elimination of democracy, which he considers degraded, as he says, “Today we have counter forces that have become strong, which are justice, the media, and minorities, and we must take power from these counter-powers.” Thus, it is a war on democracy declared by Zemmour, as the authors say.

As for the economy, it is a topic that the potential candidate has abandoned, which is basically liberalism from within and protectionism from without. In the environment, the focus is on nuclear energy in the name of national sovereignty, and in its name also sees withdrawing from NATO and the Schengen Agreement, in addition to ending sanctions on Russia and rejecting “agreements at any cost.” with Germany.

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