New government to promote healthy food

Improper nutrition is one of the greatest health risks and often leads to premature death. Overeating is also a part of it, it all too often ends in disease-causing obesity. Bad eating habits cost the German health system a double-digit billion contribution every year and people many years of life. The saddest thing about it: These problems are preventable.

Not an easy decision …

Laws for low sugar content in ready-made meals required

The Federation of German Consumer Organizations (vzbv) calls on the soon-to-be-new government to take a closer look at nutrition policy. According to the initiative, the focus on healthy food should be included as a signpost in the coalition agreement. Klaus Müller, member of the board of directors of the vzbv, explains: “A new federal government has the mandate of consumers to dare a fresh start in nutrition policy and to ensure a healthier range of foods with an ambitious legislative package.” He also emphasizes that consumers expressly want statutory provisions, which ensure a lower sugar content in ready-made meals. This facilitates healthy eating and leads to lower costs for the health system. However, stable health is going to be a lot more than money.

86 percent would like consumers to be strengthened

According to a forsa survey, 74 percent of Germans actually speak out in favor of a relevant law. And 86 percent would like our new government to back up consumers on nutritional issues. Especially foods that are visually intended for children should contain fixed maximum amounts of sugar, salt and fat so that the little ones get a healthy start in life. The previous national innovation and reduction strategy for these additives should be expanded as a whole.

Other possible measures for better health

A VAT reduction for vegetables, pulses and fruit is also on the wish list of the vzbv, so that fresh, healthy food becomes more affordable. In addition, a binding Nutri-Score is being introduced throughout Europe, so that consumers can more easily identify the nutritional quality of foods without having to search through lists of ingredients for a long time.


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