The first solar curtain is organic and comes from Bavaria

Close the curtains when the sun comes out! So it stays pleasantly cool in the room and the annoying glare effects are eliminated. Unfortunately, the light bounces off a normal curtain unused, but it still contains valuable energy! The Kitzingen inventor Stephan Hildebrandt has now corrected this shortcoming with his product SunCurtain. This curtain protects against too much sun and also serves as a solar system. The energy generated can be used, for example, to operate a PC – or another device that does not consume too much power.

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A slat curtain with a light, semi-transparent coating

The SunCurtain is a semi-transparent slat curtain that does not completely darken the room. It is relatively light and therefore easy to move, which is due to the fact that the surface is not weighed down by silicon. Instead, Hildebrandt relies on a carbon coating that spreads over the individual lamellae like a network. In contrast to the usual system on the roof, the curtain belongs to the organic PV modules. If the curtain is drawn, artificial lighting does not necessarily have to be provided, the incidence of daylight is sufficient for normal needs. In this way, the electricity generated does not migrate to the next lamp and immediately wipes out the energy gain.

The curtain is simply plugged into the socket

The solar curtain has a normal power plug that provides power feed. This makes it one of the plug-in and balcony power plants and requires registration with the respective network operator. The modules generate around 40 watts per square meter, and if there is enough sunlight, the electricity for the operation of an average PC can be generated on an area of ​​3 square meters. This performance does not seem great compared to the rooftop system, but at least the curtain surface is used sensibly.

Stephan Hildebrandt founded a small company and is now producing his SunCurtains himself on a small scale together with a few colleagues. One of his products hangs in the window of his office, which is used for testing and further development purposes.


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