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Video- When basketball lost its smile .. 30 years since the retirement of Magic Johnson due to AIDS


It’s been 30 years since Magic Johnson shocked not only the NBA world, but the sports world as well, and announced his retirement due to HIV infection, which at the time was akin to the death penalty.

In a pre-internet and social media community, news still had the power to shock at scale, and that moment remains one of the most memorable and shocking moments in basketball history.

Magic Johnson the legend

The 32-year-old was at the height of his power and a world legend when illness forced him to retire.

“Sometimes we think only gays can get AIDS,” Johnson said at his retirement news conference in November 1991. “I say anyone can get it, even me. Life will go on for me, and I’ll be a happy man.” “.

Johnson then became the spokesperson for HIV awareness, which was beginning to spread around the world.

Johnson has lost his charm

Johnson tried to return to the courts after 4 years, when he was 36 years old, and already played 32 games with the Lakers, but he lost some of the charm that made him one of the legends of the game.

Johnson was not spared the stigma suffered by those who contract AIDS, so that some players were ostracized and refused to mix with him or participate in the dressing room for fear of HIV infection.

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