A UN warning of a civil war in Ethiopia and calls for a cease-fire and negotiations without conditions


A UN official has warned the international community that a civil war in Ethiopia is a “very real danger”, coinciding with the continuation of international moves to reach a ceasefire as an initial step for sustainable peace in this country.

Rosemary DiCarlo, Under-Secretary-General for Political and Peacebuilding Affairs, said – during a Security Council session devoted to the situation in Ethiopia – that Ethiopia’s descent into a large-scale civil war is a very real danger, and if it happens, it would cause a humanitarian disaster, and harm the future of the country that She described it as important.

She explained that about 7 million people in northern Ethiopia need humanitarian assistance.

DiCarlo pointed out that the Tigrayan forces were advancing south towards Addis Ababa in coordination with the Oromo Liberation Army. She added that the year-long conflict in the Tigray region of Ethiopia has taken catastrophic proportions, explaining that the fighting puts the future of the country, its people, and the stability of the wider Horn of Africa in a state of great uncertainty.

political solution

As for the American delegate to the Security Council, she said that the only solution to the conflict in Ethiopia is political, stressing the important role played by the African Union in that.

And demanded the Tigray forces to withdraw from Afar and Amhara and stop the progress towards Addis Ababa, calling on the Ethiopian government to respect international law and start negotiations for a cease-fire without conditions.

The High Representative of the African Union revealed that he will visit the Amhara and Afar regions in Ethiopia today.

China’s delegate to the United Nations said that putting pressure on Ethiopia will make it difficult to reach a solution to the crisis, and called on the Ethiopian government to exercise restraint and dialogue to avoid an escalation in Tigray.

The Ethiopian Prime Minister Abi Ahmed said that his country will not disintegrate and will remain and will defeat those he described as its enemies.

At a fundraising event for the war effort, Abiy Ahmed called on his people to support Ethiopia with money and serve it with science.

don’t negotiate

The Ethiopian Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Radwan Hussein also said that the decision not to negotiate with groups designated as terrorist is still in place.

The minister added that Addis Ababa will not succumb to the pressures exerted on it, and that it adheres to the independence of its decision.

And the French news agency quoted the commander of the Oromo Liberation Army in Ethiopia, Gal Moro, as saying that his forces approached the capital and were preparing to launch another attack, and he expected the war to end very soon.

Moro – whose real name is Komsa Deriba – stated that the pro-government fighters had begun to defect, and that the Oromo Liberation Front fighters had become very close to victory, as he put it.

The OLA commander emphasized that the federal government is only trying to buy time and provoke a civil war in the country, and that is why it is calling on the people to fight.

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