As a result, two soldiers were wounded..Israeli bombing targets central and western Syria


Two Syrian soldiers were wounded in a new Israeli shelling, on Monday, targeting sites in central and western Syria, according to the Syrian official media.

A military source said, according to the official Syrian news agency (SANA), that “the Israeli enemy carried out an air aggression” from north of the Lebanese capital, Beirut, targeting some points in the central and coastal region.

The source added that the air defenses confronted the missiles and shot down most of them, noting that the aggression resulted in the wounding of two soldiers and the infliction of some material losses, without adding details about the nature and location of the target points.

And the French Press Agency quoted the director of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, Rami Abdel Rahman, as saying that “the Israeli missiles targeted the vicinity of the Shayrat military airport in the southeast of Homs Governorate (central), where several military sites belonging to the regime forces are located and where there are groups loyal to Iran.”

Over the past years, Israel has launched dozens of air strikes in Syria, targeting Syrian army sites, especially Iranian and Lebanese Hezbollah targets.

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