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City and Region Planners Conference in Doha discusses the challenges of sustainable urban planning after Corona

The activities of the 57th conference of the International Association of Town and Territory Planners (ISOCARP) kicked off in Doha today, Monday, under the theme “Open Planning: New Times, Better Places and Stronger Communities”.

The conference, which lasts for 4 days, aims to discuss many planning issues for cities and regions, present global experiences from all continents of the world, review research and technical working papers, as well as study urban centers and their compatibility with sustainable development.

The conference has the participation of more than 500 individuals, urbanists, planners and experts who represent major international institutions and organizations, and seek to improve cities and planning practices by creating a global and active network of practitioners by exchanging experiences, training, education and research, promoting the planning profession, public awareness and understanding of key planning issues on the global level.

Qatari Minister of Municipality Abdullah bin Abdulaziz bin Turki Al-Subaie said that the city of Doha has been able to achieve one of the most inspiring urban development models in the Middle East, but also globally, and the city, with all its sustainable urban planning, flexibility, human-centered development and diversification of the economy, has proven its full readiness for the post-war era. oil.

Post Corona challenges

In his speech during the opening session of the conference, Al-Subaie explained that the conference will discuss regional and global issues and challenges for planning better cities in the era after the repercussions of the Corona pandemic and climate change.

He pointed out that the main theme of the conference, “Urban Planning Launched.. New Times, Better Places, Stronger Communities,” was wisely crafted to inspire city planners around the world to come to Doha and share experiences and ideas to achieve our common goal: a better future for people-friendly cities. New approaches and creative approaches to planning to create better places for stronger communities.

Al-Subaie pointed out that the conference takes place only one year before Qatar hosts the 2022 World Cup, and therefore it is an opportunity for the whole world to see the wonderful preparations made by Doha to host this event to be a unique experience, especially from the perspective of urban planning, sustainability and quality of life.

The Qatari Minister of Municipality indicated the commitment of the State of Qatar to make all its cities – especially Doha – a model for environmentally friendly cities and for humans through sustainable urban planning, noting that Doha is at the top of the list of the safest cities on earth, and that Qatar has historical, social, cultural, creative, planning and humanitarian experiences. amazing.

The Qatari Minister of Municipality confirms that Doha has managed to achieve one of the most inspiring urban development models in the Middle East (Al-Jazeera)

An unprecedented Qatari renaissance

For his part, the President of the International Organization of City and Territory Planners, Martin Dobling, praised the support provided by the State of Qatar to the organization.

In his speech at the opening session, Dobling highlighted the importance of the conference in opening channels of communication between countries on finding the best methods for sustainable and intelligent urban planning.

He stressed that the conference – which is held in an integrated manner between personal attendance and remote communication – is an opportunity for exchanging experiences between planners and urbanists in the international organization, as well as presenting modern techniques in planning.

In turn, the head of the local organizing committee of the conference, Eng. Mubarak Al-Nuaimi, said that every fair observer of urban and planning development in Qatar feels the quantitative and qualitative development that has produced a set of strategies and distinguished projects, explaining that Doha has an integrated future planning vision based on Qatar Vision 2030 and absorbing the concepts of comprehensive sustainability. .

In his speech at the opening session, Al-Nuaimi described what Qatar witnessed during the last decade as an unprecedented urban and planning renaissance that deserves to be proud and deserves to be presented to the whole world through the professional planning activities of the International Organization of City Planners.

He explained that the planning vision of Qatar has become based on the concepts of human and environment-friendly cities, urban development based on knowledge, gradual urban centers, preserving the identity and authenticity of the urban character of Qatari cities, and the growing interest in public transport networks, the provision of parks, open and recreational spaces, and the establishment of a distinguished infrastructure that qualifies The state to be an incubator for world events.

Al-Nuaimi indicated that this year’s conference is characterized as the most important event in the planning circles, which is being held in light of the approaching full recovery from the repercussions of the Corona pandemic and the isolation, confusion and lack of communication that it caused.

He also pointed out that the conference interacts with the Climate Summit held in Glasgow to discuss the implications of climate change. Therefore, the axes of discussion included the concepts of comprehensive sustainability, healthy and smart cities, raising the quality of life, and the importance of resilient cities that resist challenges.

Mubarak Al-Nuaimi says that the planning vision for Qatar has become based on the concepts of cities that are friendly to humans and the environment (Al-Jazeera)Al-Nuaimi confirmed that the planning vision for Qatar has become based on the concepts of cities that are friendly to humans and the environment (Al-Jazeera)

Hosting global events

For his part, the Assistant Undersecretary for Urban Planning Affairs at the Ministry of Municipality of Qatar, Fahd Muhammad Al-Qahtani, stressed the importance of the 57th conference of the International Association of City and Region Planners, and its role in enriching planners, whether in the State of Qatar and the Gulf or at the level of the Middle East, calling on everyone to benefit from this conference, which It is being held for the first time in Doha.

Al-Qahtani added – in a statement to Al Jazeera Net – that by hosting this global event on the territory of the State of Qatar, we aim to inform all participants of Qatar’s experience in preparing to host global events in various fields, including the FIFA World Cup scheduled for next year.

He pointed out that the State of Qatar is keen to cooperate with many authorities and organizations in the field of urban planning and changing methods, considering the conference an opportunity for further cooperation and signing future agreements with several parties.

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