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Lacroix: Drones…the new weapons of the poor

The newspaper “La Croix” (La Croix) followed the incident of targeting 3 drones loaded with explosives, the house of Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi in Baghdad yesterday, Sunday, and indicated that despite his survival, the rubble scattered on the ground indicates the power of the explosion, and it is also an indication of the capabilities provided by the aircraft. The march of the so-called “unconventional” armed forces.

And the French newspaper considered that this astonishing attack, whose perpetrator is still unknown, shows that the use of drones is no longer linked only as it was with the military actions carried out by the United States under the administration of President Barack Obama, but that many countries, militias, terrorist organizations and state-like entities are using them.

and in his report For the newspaper, Pierre Sutrell says that the term “drone” does not mean the advanced models used by armies that travel long distances and launch missiles, but rather a variety of different sizes and low cost, whether civilian or locally manufactured models, and are used to gather intelligence or to carry out strikes , most often by crashing into its targets with its payload of explosives.

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And Lacroix quoted Arthur Quesnay, a researcher at Paris Panthéon-Sorbonne University, as saying that “the use of drones and their capabilities has escalated since the war against the Islamic State,” because this organization was one of the pioneers in using low-cost drones for surveillance and attack, as used by pro-Iranian militias in Increasingly, Iraq, where the airports of Erbil and Baghdad – where US forces are stationed – were repeatedly attacked by these aircraft during the summer.

“These planes fly at a low altitude, are not easily detected, and their use in large numbers can have a devastating effect that is difficult to counter,” warns Kisnay.

The United States accuses Iran of transferring its expertise in designing suicide drones to Iraqi armed groups, and to its other allies in the region, especially in Yemen where Houthi rebels have used suicide drones extensively against Saudi Arabia, heavy aircraft with a range of about 1,500 km, which analysts say contain It contains components imported from Iran, although manufactured in Sana’a.

And the use of low-cost drones – as the writer says – is not exclusive to the Middle East, but Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said in 2018 that he was the target of an assassination attempt by two drones loaded with explosives, so that a number of rebel groups claimed responsibility for that attack, which It is still shrouded in mystery.

Even criminal groups are no longer far from using drones, as a prison in Ecuador’s Guayas province was targeted with devices laden with explosives, according to the country’s prison administration.

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